Wilderness Therapy

Wilderness therapy is a new approach to deal with behavioral disorders in people surfing from psychological problems. It is a combination of adventure in an expedition and a program of psychological treatment of people suffering with psychological problems. The psychological problems can occur in people at any stage of life due to a number of different reasons, especially it occurs in teen aged people due to their family related environment. Teen living in the broken families often develops behavioral disorder that creates problems not only for them, but it also affects their other family members. The most common psychological disorders in teens are hypersensitivity, extreme anger and misbehaving manners with family and friends. In some extreme cases it leads the teen to use alcohol and even drugs to get satisfaction. In such cases the treatment through a good psychologist is necessary.

The psychotherapy is the way of treating teens and other people with mental or psychological problems by talking to them about their problematic issues and giving them suggestions to deal with their problems and resolve their issues with their own will power. It creates very positive changes in the behavior of troubled people including troubled teens.They psychological treatment takes a few weeks to a couple of months to be completed and normally consist of discussion sessions, but in case of severe problem with depression, it may contain discussion therapy with medicines and may continue for a long time.

Wild natural environment always attracts the man and give him cool sensation and joy. There is no better place than the nature that helps people to heal their psychological wounds those cannot be healed by medicines. The Wilderness therapy for troubled teens is a system of treatment in which people with psychological or behavioral problems are taken to the natural wild environment with their therapists, professional guides and doctor, miles away from the urban areas in the jungles, valleys and hills.

During wilderness therapy you do camping in a beautiful natural area where you live only with your therapists and other people like you who are with their own psychological problems.Here your therapists teach you how to understand and deal with your feeling, mood and behavior. By learning to understand yourself with the help of your therapists soon you become able to pick up healthy self-managing skills to understand and resolve your personal issues. The natural calm and quiet environment make you worry free and helps you to recover soon. You get the imminence pleasure of camping far away of your home and even human settlements. It works as a catalyst that increases your self confidence that gives you great help to understand the real issues those are affecting your behavior with the guidance provided by your doctor andpsychotherapists.

This has been observed that the anger and misbehaving attitude of young teens, greatly improves due to wilderness therapy and they behave peacefully with their family and friends when come back from therapy camp. The wilderness therapy improves the self-confidence of your teen and makes him better able to understand himself as well as you and other family members.

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