Why Health Apps are No Substitute for Expert Osteopathic Care

We all love our mod-cons and the smartphone is a firm favourite with individuals from all walks of life. The apps that these modern wonders of technology bring have also become an essential part of daily life, and with an app for absolutely everything, even the most complicated task can be made simple at a click of a button.

However, with the rise (and rise) of the smartphone comes the increased use of health apps. These apps are designed to make staying fit and healthy easier for that busy mum or flustered commuter, but are they really a substitute for advice and care provided by a professional healthcare expert? Osteopathy is one area where these health apps are springing up, and many specialists have spoken out to warn patients of their use.

So why is it a problem?

Whilst many may see osteopathic care as just a few stretches and movements, it has become a vital alternative treatment for managing both chronic and acute aches and pains. Individuals suffering from back, shoulder and neck pain consider an osteopath as their best friend, and their hands-on technique can be used to treat and relieve other ailments such as sports injuries, poor posture and arthritis.

Many health apps have taken advantage of the fact that osteopathic care is an unknown for many, leaving many individuals turning to the net in search of a cost effective quick fix for their problem. A number of health apps show techniques that should only be performed by a qualified osteopath, whilst other apps offering symptom checking features give individuals an inaccurate diagnosis of the underlying problem causing the pain. Using symptom checking apps instead of visiting your GP or osteopath in person is particularly dangerous and this can leave painful conditions undiagnosed whilst you seek the wrong treatment.

Seeking professional advice not a Google search

Whilst health apps and the wider net offer the perfect tools to educate you about certain conditions or treatments, you should always seek a second opinion from a qualified doctor or healthcare professional. Taking the word of an automated app is no way to diagnosis an illness or injury, and your symptoms should be discussed in person with your GP to offer an accurate diagnosis and recommended course of treatment.

Your osteopath will also be able to help you in your quest to get your body back to health, so this time say ‘no’ to technology to get the treatment your body deserves.

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