Why Botox Should Be Administered By Trained Medical Professionals

Like a miracle drug engineered to beat ageing, botox is fast becoming a go-to technology for men and women who want to look younger. With the rising popularity of botox, many clinics are now offering this kind of drug procedure as one of their anti-ageing solutions. But as the demand for botox spikes, so are derma expert wannabes who want to have their share of the pie. If you’re planning to get a botox, make sure that the treatment is administered by legitimate and trained professionals. Otherwise, those wrinkles you’re trying to get rid of would only get worse.

Experience and track record are important

Injecting botox requires skilled procedures that only experienced professionals can handle. This includes expert registered nurses (RNs) and dermatologists who are qualified to administer the botox procedure. Note that any type of healthcare professional can be in charge of the Botox procedure but only cosmetic medical experts will have the biggest advantage. They already have the experience in administering the procedure so you can guarantee that your treatment will be in safe hands. You can check against health agencies’ records and see if your doctor or clinic is qualified to administer the Botox procedure.

There are several media reports that reveal customers’ bad experiences with unqualified instruction in Botox professionals and the results are often harmful. It is better to splurge more on well-known botox experts and be satisfied with the result than spend a cheaper on something that will only make your skin worse.

Insurance coverage

Medical professionals are also more likely to provide insurance to customers than run-of-the-mill clinics. These insurance covers, known as medical protection, will secure you financially and legally once something malfunctions during the procedure.

Environment and hygiene

While salons and clinics provide quality equipment to facilitate botox treatment, they still do not fall within suitable standards. Smaller salons and clinics often do not provide the right ambiance conducive to injectable treatments. Non-physicians administering such treatments could even make it worse. Like other prescription medication, botox requires sterile equipment, thus the person giving this must follow standard healthcare precautions. With an expert medical professional on-site, you can be assured that the RN is performing the treatment properly. Also, botox treatment administered in a health office is way more hygienic than those given in private homes.

Doctors know what to do if there are side effects

In some cases, botox may result in some side effects like difficulty in breathing and swallowing. These cases often happen because the botulinum toxin has already spread off the injection area. Once these occur, you can immediately contact your medical doctor who administered the procedure. A doctor will have the right emergency equipment to address your side effects.

While it may cost you more, it’s still highly advisable to have your botox treatment be performed under the watchful eyes of a medical professional specializing in cosmetics.

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