Why are Clinical Trials Important?

Clinical Trials Important

Clinical trials are conducted so that researchers can test the effects of certain medicines and treatments. Participating in a clinical trial means that you will be given either a new medical treatment, a placebo or the current best treatment medication. Your health and results will be monitored in order to learn more about the effects of the medical procedure. The trial is usually sponsored by a pharmaceutical company and it is conducted by a research team. The process is designed according to a set of regulations and ethical guidelines, ensuring that the trial is not only effective and informative but also safe for participants.

Why is it so important for researchers to conduct these clinical trials? There are a few reasons why clinical research trials are crucial.

Important Information is Gathered About Medical treatment

We have gathered a lot of very important information and research over the last few decades about treating serious diseases including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and much more through this method. A lot of this progress is the result of investing in basic and clinical research. Many of the treatments that are now commonly used to combat cancer, such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and complementary therapies have been developed through clinical trials.

Doctors don’t always know which treatment is best, because it is necessary to compare large numbers of patients to learn about benefits and risks. The medical therapies that have been validated in clinical trials have had a major impact on the success rate of treating and preventing these diseases. History shows that clinical trials have saved the lives of millions of people.

For example, it was a randomised trial of the Salk polio vaccine in a study of over 600,000 school children which led to the first preventative treatment for the disease. These days an oral vaccine has been invented and polio has almost eradicated, it however is still prevalent in third world countries all over the world. Without the clinical trials that were used to develop these vaccines, this disease would still be a danger to all children today.

New Treatments Need to Pass Many Tests before They Can Be Used

Clinical trials are only one step in the significant amount of research that goes into developing a new medical treatment. The drugs of the future need to be created, purified, described and tested in the lab with animal or cell studies before they can be used in human trials. Compared to all of the medicines that are tested, only 1 in around one thousand makes it to the human testing stage. It usually takes around 6 years of research for a drug to make it to clinical trials, then it will take another couple of years before the drug is approved.

One of the reasons why this takes so long is because not enough people take part in clinical trials. This means that the development of these drugs takes longer because so few people volunteer for the treatment. Sometimes people don’t take part because they are nervous about participating in a clinical trial, or they didn’t know that the trial was an option for them. If you are considering taking part in a trial, did you know that you can find MAC Clinical Trials in your area just by looking online?

Clinical Trial Treatments Help the Patient

As well as contributing to the overall knowledge and progress toward curing the disease, a clinical trial will also help to the participant to improve their health. While in some trials a placebo will be used, in most trials where the patient is suffering from a disease they will be given either the new treatment or the current best standard of care.

Although there is no guarantee that the possible benefits of the brand new drug or treatment will outweigh the risks – the patient will have access to the latest procedures, drugs and other treatments. If the new treatment is effective, the patient will receive the benefits of this. Taking an active part in your treatment can be a very empowering experience and can ensure that you get excellent treatment too.

These are just a few of the reasons why clinical trials are important and how they can benefit the patient and future victims of the disease. If you are considering taking part in a clinical trial, the first step is to find a trial that you are eligible for in your local area. You can learn about local clinical trials from a website such as http://researchforyou.co.uk/. Search for a trial in your local area that you are eligible for, then find out more information from the research company before you sign up.

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