When It’s Time For “The Talk”

How many times have you said to someone or heard someone say that a vacation was nice, but it’s good to be home? There’s a special sense of comfort found within our home. The results of the study “Aging in Place in America” indicated that 89% of seniors want to age in place. Some seniors admit that they fear being placed in a nursing home more than they fear death.

A timely discussion

outpatient_treatment_for_drug_addictionBaby boomers sometimes have a tendency to put off discussing health issues and living situations with their parents. However, it’s generally best to have an honest talk with them before a critical situation occurs. You shouldn’t assume that as long as both parents are living, they can manage okay. In-home care may need to be brought in so that the household and health related care doesn’t become overwhelming if one spouse is bearing the majority of the load. For everyone’s benefit, it is best to address the need for in-home care as soon as there is an indication that it is or soon will be needed.

Home sweet home

Home is the place where your parents are comfortable. There they can enjoy simple pleasures such as sitting in their favorite chair, being surrounded by family photos or decorative treasures that hold sentimental value and the comfort that comes with overall familiarity. If they have a pet, having to leave home and give up that companionship would be a heart-breaking experience. While living at home, family and friends may frequently stop by for visits. When people move to a care facility, visitors often become a rare sight.

Benefits for you

in-home-seniors-careThere’s a good probability that your family life and job prohibit you from assuming the role of in-home caregiver for your parents. Arranging care for them can give you peace of mind. You’ll know that they have transportation to the doctor. In-home care can include meal preparation and housekeeping chores that your parents can no longer handle on their own. Knowing that someone is monitoring their medication schedule and their overall health situation can take a lot of stress off of you.

It is beneficial to you and your parents to discuss the value of utilizing in-home senior care in order for them to safely age in place. It’s a financially good option as well as a comforting choice for your parents.

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