What is ADHD and What Are it’s Symptoms? Is This Why I Can’t focus?

Everyone has trouble focusing at times and whether we can’t remember something, can’t sit still, act impulsively, or we just have trouble paying attention. Some of us may even have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder which is a disorder than can difficult to diagnose because of it’s many symptoms.

It is also important to note that there are many medical conditions that have similar symptoms that can make someone mistake having just ADHD when they in fact may be having the side effects of a different condition such as thyroid disease, allergies, an iron deficiency, eye and ear infections, sleeping disturbances, and many other medical conditions.

By being aware of these various side effects we can help assess whether or not we need to see a doctor and while there aren’t any non-prescription ADHD replacements treatments that are natural, we can still make changes in our diet, take nutritional supplements, and change our behaviours to help improve our ability to focus and overall productivity.

In general people may want to seek psychological help before taking any medications as we may be able to fix our issues naturally without the use of any synthetic pharmaceuticals.

People Who Have ADHD May Have Some or All of These Side effects

Trouble Paying Attention

When people think of having trouble focusing properly they think about being unable to keep their attention. There are two different types of focus in that we have in sensory attention and intellectual attention. Sensory focus deals more with our reaction times while intellectual focus deals with our ability to concentrate on a task like doing math in our head.

The part of our brain that controls our sensory attention is in our cerebellum while our ability to concentrate is powered by the cerebral cortex which also controls memory, thoughts and language. Any types of natural and synthetic stimulants we take such as caffeine from coffee and energy drinks can help us attain better sensory focus as these products increase the amount of the hormone adrenaline released in our brain.

In order to boost our intellectual focus we need an increase in neurotransmitters like acetylcholine and dopamine which can be done by using drugs like Adderall and Ritalin and also by taking natural nootropic supplements bought over the counter.


If you have trouble keeping still that is a sign that you have an issue with hyperactivity. This characteristic can be distracting making it hard for us to focus and concentrate. Ways that we can reduce hyperactivity are by ridding our diet of synthetic food dyes and preservatives and by getting enough exercise.

Many people associate either their or their children’s hyperactivity with sugar, studies have known this to be a myth though. Another cause of hyperactivity that can seem surprising is from not getting enough sleep.

Children and adults who are sleep deprived would be expected to seem only sluggish, but according to research adults and children can become hyperactive to the point that it is possible some people are misdiagnosed for ADHD when they actually don’t have it.

Acting Impulsively

If you have moments where you speak in an almost uncontrollable way saying things without putting any thought into them you may be dealing with impulsivity. Examples of when people are acting impulsive would be when someone cuts someone else in line, tells you personal details of their life that may seem unnecessary, and when someone has a bad habit of cutting other people off when they are talking to you.

Being impulsive can seem harmless in some ways to people, but when we realize that impulsive behavior is also a factor in drug and alcohol abuse, over and under eating, shopping, and gambling addictions which can severely devastate someone’s life in a irreparable way. It is now thought that our impulsive characteristics are related to the neurotransmitter serotonin, which means that eating foods and taking over the counter supplements high in the amino acid l-tryptophan may help us with our impulsivity issue.

How is ADHD Diagnosed?

If after reading this information you feel like you are having some serious issues with ADHD you can look into getting treatments by getting diagnosed by a doctor.

When diagnosed people are put into three different categories of ADHD as they will be considered to have the “predominantly Inattentive type,” “predominantly hyperactive-impulsive type,” or the more serious “combined type” of ADHD.

Some people may just have minor focusing issues that can be alleviated with psychological treatments, natural foods, and over the counter supplements where they may not need medicines like Adderall and Ritalin. I hope this information has helped explain a topic that can be hard to understand. I appreciate anyone who shares this on their website or social media, thanks.

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