Weight Lifting Basics


Weight lifting can provide numerous benefits for people of any fitness level. The first step is getting started but soon you will find yourself getting stronger and stronger every week. This increase in your muscle mass will help you burn more calories and live a healthier life. All new lifters will first need access to weights. This can come in many forms.

Access to Weights

Gym Membership

A very common but costly way that people access weights is through a gym membership. The advantage of a gm membership is that generally they will have weights ranging from 1 pound dumbbells. To several hundred pound worth of weight plates. This is an obvious advantage over a home set but it comes at a price.

Home Gyms

Complete home gyms can offer strength training similar to weight lifting but this also comes at quite a price. Those who are seeking weight training from lifting weights or dumbbells will not be satisfied with an all in one home gym. Another way to do a home gym is with a traditional dumbbell set. This method takes a lot of space.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are the best way to get a full weight lifting style workout. They take up very little space and many of the best sets include ranges from under 5 pounds to over 50 pounds per dumbbell. A range like this makes it easy to maximize every exercise you do.

How to use your weights

Whether it is in the gym or in the comfort of your home, you will want to be sure to use your weights properly. Every exercise will have very specific form that will help you get the most out of your training. Proper form is not always the most comfortable so be sure you are either training with someone who knows what they are doing or follow along with some guided workout videos to pick up the basics.

Home Gyms and traditional dumbbells are generally pretty straight forward. Many home gyms will even have diagrams on how to use them and what muscle groups they work. Adjustable dumbbells may not be as straight forward but they are easy to learn. Many will either have a dial or a pin system. Most sets will be able to adjust their weights in a matter of seconds.

Benefits of using your weights

The benefits of weight lifting will be noticeable and you will surely enjoy them. You will quickly begin to develop muscle mass which will make you noticeably stronger. Muscle mass also naturally burns more calories than fat mass. After you get into the habit of lifting weights you will notice that you have more energy and feel better throughout the day. Beginning an exercise regimen will increase your overall well-being.

The First Step Is Getting Started

Lifting weights is a rewarding experience. The first step is just getting started. It is also the hardest the part! Believe it or not after you get started you will soon find yourself eager to go that extra mile to build your strength and a healthier life.

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