Vapor E-Cigarettes – Do they do away with the risks of tobacco?


If you are fond of the smoking the conventional cigarettes, you might take some time for the transition to take place between the traditional cigarettes and the e-cigs. These are also referred to as vapor cigarettes. They resemble real cigarettes and the smoke that comes out also resembles the smoke that emanates from the traditional cigarettes.

The vapor e-cigarette comprises the following components, namely, battery, cartridge, and a heating element. The cartridge contains fluids and liquids that may or may not be flavored depending on what you are opting for. Usually e-cigarettes have a wide range of flavors to choose from. Also, the strength of nicotine varies. There are several brands and each brand offers different flavors as well as different levels of nicotine. For instance, you will come across many e-cig cartridges that have nicotine levels like low, moderate, and strong. If you are using an e-cig, you are said to be “vaping”.

Safety concerns of electronic cigarettes

Earlier, it was thought that vapor e-cigarettes are safe and can be a good replacement for tobacco cigarettes. However, over the years, studies and research has proved that this cigarette look alike is not safe always and can hardly be a substitute for the traditional cigarettes. However, there are few advantages of the vapor cigarettes too. We will take a glance at the benefits in the paragraphs that follow. Just as every coin has 2 sides, these electronic cigarettes also have benefits as well as drawbacks.

One of the facts that have been established with regard to the vapor e-cigarette is that it is less harmful as compared to the conventional cigarettes. More on the advantages and disadvantages are discussed below. Read on for more information on electronic cigarettes.

Pros and Cons of vapor e-cigarette

As far as pros and cons of the electronic cigarettes are concerned, there is a debate. While few think that they are better than tobacco cigarettes, while few are of the opinion that e-cigs are no better than tobacco cigarettes but cause the same degree of damage to the body. So, let us weigh the cons and the pros of the same.

  • Few think that by vaping, you gradually give up smoking. However, this claim is relative and while few might cut down smoking on traditional cigarettes once they switch over to vaping, few others might continue smoking both.
  • There are also people that are of the opinion that e-cigs might be addictive.
  • One of the benefits is that experts are of the opinion that it is a much safer alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.
  • Another advantage is that depending on the strength of the nicotine level, you have the option to select from a wide range of strengths, low, moderate, and strong. This facility is not available in case of tobacco cigarettes.

Facts about vapor e-cigarettes

Go through the following facts related to vapor cigs.

  • Unknown levels of nicotine can damage the brain cells
  • Experts don’t recommend vaping, if you have stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes.
  • Since these electronic cigarettes don’t smell of tobacco unlike the traditional counterparts, you won’t know if your children have started smoking. So, keep a close watch.

So, while these may appear to be a boon for many, few think that it is bane. It is relative and depends entirely on how you decide to interpret the product.

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