Is Vaping a Good Alternative to Smoking?

We can’t get away from vaping at the moment. It’s likely that you’re friends with, or you work with someone who vapes – around 2.2 million people in the UK do it, with many using it as an aid to help them quit smoking cigarettes.

Vaping is still a relatively new alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, so how has it gained so much popularity in such a short time? Is it a good way to help you give up smoking once and for all?

What is Vaping?

Vaping is the name that’s been given to inhaling the vapour from an e-cigarette device, or a vapouriser. The smoke-like vapour comes from the e-liquid that’s used in the e-cigarette, which is usually available in different flavours, like fruit, mint or candy. All you need to buy is e-liquid refills once you have bought the e-cigarette device as it is usually rechargeable.

Essentially, vaping is like smoking but without the tobacco, the toxic effects of cigarettes and the expense.

Can Vaping Help You Quit Smoking?

Evidence certainly suggests that vaping can help a smoker kick their habit. Studies by Smoking in England show that the majority of e-cigarette smokers are people who have smoked in the past and it has actually helped to increase the probability of quitting by approximately 50%.

Vaping is used a route for people to quit smoking, being used largely by ex-smokers rather than non-smokers. Maybe that’s why it’s caught on so quickly. We’ve all heard of quitting using nicotine patches, or by going to a hypnotist, but vaping seems to have proven results.

Is Vaping Dangerous?

In a nutshell, vaping is not as dangerous as smoking cigarettes. People may be put off by the vaping stories in the media, but using an e-cigarette is actually 95% less harmful than regular cigarettes.

E-cigarette companies, such as Vype, make sure they put their devices through quality assessment processes and they have a keen interest in studies and research about vaping and e-cigarette vapour.

In addition, many e-cigarette providers have now designed devices with multiple layers of safety features to protect their users, including controls to prevent overheating, over-voltage controls and a timed cut-off for when the device has finished charging.

If you’re trying to quit smoking, vaping can be the first step to cutting harmful tobacco cigarettes out of your life. Studies have shown that using an e-cigarette is a cheaper and less harmful smoking substitute that millions of people in the UK already use. Plus, there are regulations in place for providers of e-cigarettes and safety features on devices to help protect vapers and give them a safer alternative to smoking.

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