Using Natural Ingredients for Facial Masks

A face mask is a mixture of two or more ingredients that are applied on the face and after some time, it’s removed from the skin using cold or hot water. Facial masks are very effective for taking care of your skin at home especially when you live a busy life and don’t have time to visit any salon on regular basis. There are many face masks available in the market but it’s better if you make one at home using only natural ingredients. Here are some facial masks that you can easily prepare at home using fruits and other natural ingredients.

Common types of natural face masks:

Apple face mask:

There is a saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This phrase pretty much sums up the benefits and health advantages of using apple. When it comes to natural face masks, people especially women prefer to make homemade face masks with apple extracts such as juice, pulp and seeds. Using apple in any conditions is excellent for any kind of skin i.e. dry, oily and affected with acne. Apple mask is also considered very effective for treating acne problems at earlier stages.

Egg white and sugar face mask:

It’s not a big problem in suburban areas where pollution ratio isn’t that serious but when it comes to big cities and walking in direct sunlight, people usually worry about the pimples and black heads in their noses. Although it’s not a serious problem having black heads on the nose but it looks gross and ugly with so many dark pours on the nose tip. There are many solutions to this problem but using egg white as a face mask is like the best homemade and cheap solution. You only need an egg white and a tablespoon of sugar and with mixing them together to make a fluffy mixture, you have got yourself a face mask. Apply it on the face especially on the affected areas around the nose rinse with cold water after a while.

Lemon and sugar face mask:

If you taste lemon, it’s sour which means it’s antiseptic. If you have any kind of allergic reaction on your face, use lemon to keep it safe. Lemon is the best ingredient for peeling off dry skin cells and layers off of the face and it’s being used in so many beauty products. With lemon juice and a teaspoon of ordinary sugar, your facial mask is ready. Apply it on the skin and leave it for 10-15 minutes. After that wash with cold water and feel the shine on your skin.

Honey face mask:

Yes apple and lemon are good ingredients for face masks but they can’t be used if you have sensitive skin. In that case, using honey is the best solution. It’s cheap and you don’t need to add anything in it besides natural honey. Honey has been proved to be the most effective and miraculous natural ingredient in the world and it has the power to heel any kind of wounds faster. Using it as a face mask eliminates number of problems including pimples, acne, black heads and wrinkles around eyes and lips.

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