Useful Tips on Treating Grey Hair

As we get older our hair starts to change color and go grey and for some can be quite distressing. The level of key nutrients in our bodies tend to diminish over time and as a result the melanin in our hair loses its color.

Studies have shown that high levels of hydrochloric acid tend to be the cause of the hair losing it color or melanin.  There are ways to combat this by way of grey hair shampoos and vitamins. One of the more popular shampoos is grayban and there are many grayban shampoo reviews online which will give you an idea of its effectiveness.

Grayban is a darkening shampoo that over time will revert your hair back to its original color. Eating properly can go a long way to holding back the greying process as with anything diet plays a big part in the well being of your body in many ways.

Some people are happy to use quick fix products like dyes and grey hair shampoos that can gradually turn your hair back to its natural color. Most of these products do not work and can leave an unfortunate looking  color in your hair.

Grey hair pills can now help combat or reverse the greying process however they are still at an early stage in terms of scientific development. In a few years time there will be products on the market that can be taken to prevent grey hair entirely.

The causes of grey hair are varied and can range from genetics too poor diet, smoking or excessive caffeine intake, all of which contribute to hair going grey.

Many people are happy to embrace their grey hair and will gladly let it grow out. This is becoming more evident in women who would normally just dye their grey hair. Society no longer attaches the stigma too ageing and having grey hair as it once use to. Many famous people are making grey hair trendy again with both men and women no longer hiding the fact that they are going grey.

If you are going grey or worried about the possibility of going grey be rest assured that there are many solutions and remedies to treating grey hair currently on the market. If you are confident in yourself then there is no worry as your will be on trend by letting your grey hair show.

Secret Food That help to Keep Your Grey Hair at Bay.

You may not know this but there are certain foods and supplements that we can take to help starve off the onset of grey hair. Eating the right foods is the best way to delay the onset of your hair going grey.

Another major cause of grey hair is a lack of Vitamin A and  B so any foods or supplements containing these crucial ingredient is a must. Also include copper, zinc and iron and you will be on the right track. Vitamin B12 which is also called Cobalamin is vital in maintaining normal functions of the brain and nervous system and the formation of blood.

Studies have shown that a Vitamin B12 deficiency can be a cause of grey hair so ensuring you are topped up with this vitamin is vital.

With many popular remedies one of the more common is Black Strap Molasses due to it high levels of essential vitamins. If you take this orally it will be absorbed quickly into the body helping to increase the levels of all the key vitamins you need.

Just two tablespoons of black-strap contains approximately 14 % of our required daily intake of copper, which is an important mineral whose peptides help to rebuild skin structure and supports healthy hair. Not only that but further grey hair benefits are that it contains high amounts of iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium and vitamin b6.

Over time which is usually over several months it not only stimulates hair growth but the 20% copper ingredient helps the hair pigmentation to produce melanin and reverse any grey hair. In some cases the grey hair may fall out with new stronger and healthier hair replacing it.

Deficiencies in vitamins is a large part of unhealthy hair and its tendency to go grey. Studies have shown that the hydrogen peroxide our bodies produce also plays a part in causing our hair to lose its pigmentation.

This occurring chemical strips our hair of its melanin and in time will cause the hair to go grey. When we get old this level of Hydrogen peroxide increases so the grey appearance becomes more evident. The reason this happens in because the enzyme Catalase that helps to control the hydrogen peroxide in our bodies drops as we age.

There are many products on the market that help to increase our Catalase levels like this one to a point where the melanin is reproduced and we start seeing the grey color recede.

It’s for this very reason you need to make sure all vitamin levels are at their optimum by eating foods that contain them like barley grass which contains copper, zinc and silica.

Fresh Green Vegatables are a great source of naturally rich vitamins namely B6 & B12. Spinach is also a good source of B Vitamins but if you want it to get straight to the source of your hair then take Spirulina which is a sea algae that is high in super rich in vitamins.

Chocolate, It’s rich in copper and helps to produce melanin in your hair helping to reduce the chance of going grey. If you can, go for dark chocolate, it has less calories and is much better for you. I never liked dark chocolate but have now been converted so give it a try if you still prefer the sweet variety. If you can brush your teeth after eating chocolate it helps to get rid of the sugar.

Almonds are a good source of Copper and Vitamin E both which are needed for the treatment of unhealthy hair. The nice thing is you can incorporate almonds into many dishes. Eat chocolates with almonds, great stuff! Include in rice, salads and any other dish you can think works.

An added benefit is that almonds also help to increase the Catalase levels in your body. Having high levels of this enzyme in your body is key to maintaining your natural hair color.

Salmon is also great for fighting grey hair, it tastes great and is a natural source of Selenium which helps to regulate hormone production and ensure colourful and healthy hair. It also helps to expel free radicals which are never good in your system.

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