Top Foods That Cause Aging

Foods That Cause Aging

Recent research and studies suggest that one of the foremost causes of aging is unwholesome food that we consume. Professor Timothy Harlan, assistant professor medicine at Tulane University School of Medicine argues that poor quality foods are rich in trans-fat, these trans-fats source inflammation and since aging is a chronic inflammatory state, the link between poor quality foods and aging is undeniable.

In addition to Trans-fat other elements for instance consumption of excess processed carbohydrates such as those found in bread, pasta and baked goods are also responsible for accelerating the process of aging. Andrea Goncoli, a public health analyst at Beach Cities Health districts, added that sugar can damage the skin’s collagen and hence lead to aging. The collagen keeps the skin tight and prevents wrinkle formation.

Some of the foods that cause aging because of their constituents include:

  • Potato Chips or French Fries: Potato is one of the vegetables with the highest carbohydrate content and when fried in vegetable oil, the potato chips are additionally enriched with trans-fats, which as mentioned earlier is one of the basic reasons of aging. When buying a bag of crisps, one must always read the ingredients listed at the back as the ingredients may include hydrogenated oil and vegetable shortening, these ingredients prove to be extremely harmful for the skin and also cause aging. Junk foods such as potato chips also increase the LDL cholesterol and reduce the HDL cholesterol and hence may cause heart related complications.
  • Doughnuts and pastries: These foods are packed with carbohydrates and as discussed earlier, processed carbohydrates are deadly for skin.
  • Deli Platters: Processed meats such as sausages, pepperoni slices have a high content of saturated fats. In addition these meat cuts also contain nitrates. Both these nutrients cause inflammation hence can lead to aging skin. Saturated fats are not essential nutrients needed by the body and may also cause other diseases especially those affecting the heart.
  • Alcohol: Alcoholism is linked to a number of illnesses including liver and kidney failure. Alcohol degenerates the bones in human beings. The consumption of alcohol may also cause depression and stress and hence is deduced to cause normal or premature aging of the human brain.
  • Soda: Carbonated beverages and fizzy drinks are loaded with artificial sugars and as suggested by various studies artificial sugars damage the protective layers of skin hence can make the skin vulnerable to aging. Sodas because of their high sugar content dehydrate the body and may also lead to diabetes.


To conclude one must avoid the consumption of fats and processed carbohydrates as many of the illnesses caused result from the consumption of foods rich in trans-fats and carbohydrates. Artificial and processed foods must be replaced with fresh foods such as fruits and green vegetables. Sodas and alcoholic beverages should be replaced with water which energizes the skin and refreshes the body. A new and improved lifestyle which includes eating fresh, exercising and drinking water may reduce aging by a very high percentage.

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