Three Reasons Dental Implants Trump Dentures

Dental Implants

Whether you have already lost some of your permanent teeth or you are simply growing tired of paying for root canals and bridges, you may be considering your options for replacement teeth. While not everyone is a good candidate for both dentures and implants, many patients are given the choice by their dentist. If you have been given this choice, implants are usually the superior option. Here are three factors to consider while weighing your decision.

The Life-Long Cost of Implants vs. Dentures

At first glance, implants seem outrageously expensive. This varies by geographical location quite a bit, as dental implants in Beverly Hills may be significantly more expensive than implants in Pittsburgh, but implants in general are pricey to have installed. However, a properly healed implant can last the rest of your life, barring accidents. Dentures do not. Full-plate dentures will likely need to be replaced every seven or eight years, depending on how much your mouth structure and gums change over time. Dentures will need to be resealed and repaired. They break much more easily than an implant. Denture wearers also may need adhesives and gels to hold them in place, and a special overnight soak to avoid odors and discoloration. With a healed implant, all you need is your normal toothpaste and brush. If you are young and believe you will live for several more decades, the ongoing cost of dentures becomes the more astronomical figure.

The Discomfort Factor

Modern dentistry offers plenty of options for keeping you pain-free during any procedure, but it is the period of time after the procedure you need to consider. With dentures, your mouth experiences a great trauma as many teeth are pulled at once. Then, temporary dentures are used to hide the fact you have no teeth. After the initial healing stage, you will then need to have an imprint taken of your gums so you can receive your permanent dentures. Once your gums heal and you have your permanent false teeth, food particles can work under the plates and cut your mouth. You can also develop sores from pressure and rubbing. In contrast, implants are only uncomfortable until the surrounding gums have healed and created a seal around the new teeth or tooth. After that, it feels every bit as normal and painless as a healthy natural tooth does. If you don’t like the dentist and experience anxiety with every visit, implants could be an awesome way to keep you to a once-a-year schedule.

Vanity and Confidence

If you are only in your twenties and are losing your teeth rapidly, you may be embarrassed to date and wear dentures. People of all ages may worry that others may notice their dentures or that an embarrassing mishap may dislodge them in public. This can be a serious concern for those who orate, sing, dance or act for audiences where losing a denture would be mortifying. Implants are only dislodged in catastrophic accidents involving trauma, such as a bad car accident where your face strikes the steering wheel. They are actually harder to dislodge than natural teeth.

If you are questioning whether implants or dentures are the right fit for you and your lifestyle, consider these factors carefully. For most people, implants will be cheaper in the long run, will keep you confident and are very comfortable after healing.

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