Things You Need to Know about Botox Treatments


Are you showing some of the awful signs of aging, like crow’s feet and wrinkles? Do you have lines between your eyebrows or on your forehead? While these are natural parts of aging, and while we know we should age gracefully, there is nothing wrong with trying to stop this as well. Indeed, how about telling aging that you are not ready yet and effectively masking any of these signs? This can be achieved thanks to Botox treatments in San Jose, which can actually completely eradicate many of the signs of aging, at least temporarily so.

How Is the Treatment Performed?

The treatment itself is almost painless and very quick and easy to perform. Indeed, a session will usually only last about 20 minutes, perhaps a bit more or less depending on the number of injections you need. You can be injected with Botox around your crow’s feet, in between your eyebrows, in your forehead, between your eyebrows and anywhere else. The specialist, who should be fully trained and licensed, will first mark the various points on your face where the injections have to be performed. This shows them exactly where the facial muscles actually contract. If need be, you will be provided with a topical anesthetic so that you literally do not feel the injections at all. The Botox itself is injected just under the skin, which should be virtually painless.

Aftercare Treatment

When you have had your treatment, you need to actually exercise the facial muscles for about two hours. This means you should frown, squint and generally pull faces. In doing so, the Botox will be worked into your muscles. While it is better to do this, you certainly won’t damage the effects of the treatment by forgetting it.

What is more important is that you do not massage or rub the areas of your face where you have been injected. Additionally, you should not do any heavy lifting, yoga or other forms of strenuous exercise for at least four hours. You should also not have a sauna or facial for the same period of time. These activities can all lead to bruising, as can taking vitamin D, Advil or Tylenol.

You may see some tiny marks or bumps on your skin after the procedure. This will only last for a few hours and is nothing to worry about. It is recommended to not cover this with makeup. In fact, you should not wear makeup at all if you can. If you absolutely have to wear it, you should make sure that you do not put too much pressure on your face.

Results Can Take a While

IT can take about a week before you really start to see the effects of the treatment. The full and final results can take about two weeks to appear. This is why you should wait for at least two weeks before you decide whether or not you are happy with the procedure.

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