Things Which You Shouldn’t Do At The Gym


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The list contains all the things which you “shouldn’t do” in a gym from hogging the equipment while perving on the ladies to those who leave the kit laying around.

1. People who are vane – You always see that one person hogging a certain machine in the gym that you want to use, not because they want to use it but it gives them the best angle in the mirror to see their muscles.

2. Leaving weights around-  You get those people who do not respect the gym etiquette and leave weights on the bar after using it. This means other people have to clear up after them which is not something they should be doing.

3.  People who talk a lot – After a long session in the gym, you want to relax by spending some time in the sauna.  You will always find two or three woman in there talking about health stories which are not true!

4. Over keen spotters – When you want to do that one max rep on a bench press, you will find that one person who will spot you. As you lower the bar, and while pushing up you struggle, the spotter will pull the bar off you, not giving you the chance to push yourself.

5.  Time wasters –  When you go into the gym you will be surrounded by people who will be doing things which will not benefit them.  This might be someone sitting on the abductor machine, doing one set and resting for 10 minutes or on the cross trainer at the slowest  pace, just wasting their time.

6.  No legs day – You get several people in the gym who always train upper body and leave out lower body. So SearchGym did a little questionnaire to find out why? majority say it’s so they can still wear skinny jeans!! They don’t realise how their body looks out of proportion, they might as well not train.

7. As the old saying goes  “Sharing is caring” –  When you want to be using the same machine as someone else, you might ask if you can jump in between them.  In most cases people will say Yes, but I’ve seen a lot of people saying No.  It’s not just about being polite but they can help put the weights on the bar when it’s your turn, so you won’t be using all your strength.

8. Exceeding your limits – You may be squatting or benching some heavy weights, but the most embarrassing is to be trapped under those weights, even if someone messes you while you’re doing your set this can put more pressure on you. You always find that one guy who will be taking the weights of your bar while you’re still lifting. Always make sure no one’s using those weights before taking it off as you could be messing with the wrong person.

What most annoys you in a gym then?

Sharing Is Caring


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