The Truth about Hemorrhoids and a Few Natural Ways to Get Rid of Them

It goes without saying that there is nothing attractive about itching, sore, bulging masses of veins that form in the anus and rectum area. However, as ugly as hemorrhoids are, having them is really nothing to be embarrassed or highly concerned about. In fact, hemorrhoids is an extremely common disorder that affects approximately 1 out of every 26 people in the United States that can be easily prevented and remedied quickly and non-invasively.

Common Causes of Hemorrhoids:

Hemorrhoids can form when the veins surrounding the anus and rectum feel an ongoing increase of pressure. The increased pressure can come from prolonged constipation as well as prolonged diarrhea, unmanaged stress, obesity, anal intercourse or consuming a low fiber diet. Additionally, older people tend to experience increased anus and rectum pressure as the veins tend to weaken and stretch as we age.


A Few Natural Ways to Remedy and Prevent Hemorrhoids:

Natural topicals: Avoid purchasing hemorrhoid creams formulated with harsh synthetic ingredients. Such ingredients can cause more harm than good. Instead, look for hemorrhoids products formulated with natural extracts that can reduce swelling and discomfort.

High fiber diet: One of the most effective ways to reverse symptoms of hemorrhoids is to increase your fiber intake. The high fiber will help soften the stool and relax the digestive process which will take the pressure off the GI tract. Make an effort to consume more fiber foods such as psyllium and flaxseed as well as fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts.

Exercise: Exercising regularly can help decrease the pressure surrounding your anus and rectum as well as strengthen the veins as you age. Do at least 20 minutes of cardio, stretching and squats.

Sitz bath: A sitz bath is essentially a warm wash that involves submerging the buttocks in a basin of water infused with Epsom salts and a few drops of anti-inflammatory essential oils such as tea tree oil or lemon essential. Sitting in a sitz bath for 10 minutes approximately twice a week can help shrink the swelling drastically and stop the itching altogether.

Detox regularly: Detoxing regularly can help cleanse the body of built-up inflammation and toxins that can be adding to the pressure. You can detox easily by increasing your intake of pure water as well as juicing fresh fruit and vegetables and staying away from highly processed foods.

Manage stress: Stress often brings forth physical symptoms that oftentimes go away once the stress is properly managed. The first step to eradicating your stress is to figure out the root cause, then you can seek therapy, start meditation sessions, schedule regular massages, remove negative entities and surround yourself with people and things that help to bring out the best version of yourself.

It may take a few weeks for the hemorrhoids to shrink completely once you start the natural remedies mentioned above, so have patience. However, seek the aid of your doctor if symptoms fail to improve.

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