The Right Nail Fungus Treatment

Nail Fungus Treatment

The right nail fungus treatment is all that is required for the estimated 2% to 18% of the world’s population that has been diagnosed with nail fungus. The infection can be found in either the toes or the fingers and appears as white or yellow spots under the tips of the nails. Due to this fungus, discoloration and swelling can spread to other parts of the nail, the nail can also begin to show peeling edges. All of this can make for a very uncomfortable, sore and unpleasant hand or foot.

Many treatments and medications are used to control or eradicate nail fungus. Medical practitioners normally recommend the use of oral medication, which can be effective as they assist with the growth of nails, but must be taken over a prolonged period to actually see improvement. The complete elimination of the nail fungus using this method can be well over four (4) months and it is also possible that the fungus may return particularly if the nails are exposed to humid conditions.

Circumstances can prohibit the taking of these oral treatments such as the taking of other medications and certain medical conditions. In these cases anti-fungal lacquers, topical medications and surgery maybe recommended. Anti-fungal lacquers can be used when the fungal infection is mild to moderate, the lacquer is applied to the infected nail and the skin immediately surrounding that nail at least once a day. This action is performed for at least seven days, then wiped clean with alcohol and then reapplied for another seven days, for improvement to be seen this must be continued for almost one year.

The topical medications usually contain a chemical that makes it quite easy to be absorbed by the skin. The success of this treatment is increased when the doctor does a debridement, which is the filling of the surface of the affected nail, thereby reducing the portion of the affected area of the nail that requires treatment.

The surgery is used for extreme cases, like those that are very painful. The infected nail is removed by treating it with acid and then a powerful light to destroy the nail and a new nail normally grows in its place, over a period of about one year. This relatively new treatment is not as widely available as the others and can be costly although quite effective.

Anti-fungal creams, ointments and remedies are widely available and their success rates vary quite a bit, but none can compare to the natural solution of Claripro Nail Fungus Treatment. The other treatments stated above can be effective in their own way, but they all take a very long time to show their worth. Claripro is a tested, verified, natural nail fungus treatment which assist in the clearing of the keratin debris, it also advances the health of your nails in a very safe way.

Natural is always better and Claripro has shown itself to be indeed the right nail fungus treatment thus far. It not only eradicates the fungal infection but it also improves the overall appearance of the affect nail, so when seeking a nail fungus treatment for your finger or toe nails, seek Claripro.

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