The Qualities of an Exceptional Acupuncturist


While the best acupuncture professionals will be highly trained and experienced in their field, that’s just a part of the required attributes that make them excel at what they do. Following are some of the top qualities of an exceptional acupuncturist.


By experience, we mean the kind of expertise that involves a complete understanding of how to handle difficult, sometimes complex diseases, how to read the connection between life experiences and the acupuncture treatment process itself and open communication skills.

People are turning to acupuncture for help treating a wide variety of conditions, from the nausea of morning sickness, to infertility, to the side effects caused by chemotherapy. An experienced acupuncturist typically has a wealth of experience is specialized areas, with some focusing on infertility, while others are focused on treating depression, stress, neurological disorders as well as alleviating pain says CT Acupuncturist Samantha Jacobs.

In Tune with Their Patients

A good acupuncturist will begin treatment by listening to their patients in an effort to determine what is really troubling them. Then, based on the consultation, they will come up with a targeted acupuncture treatment, letting the patient know what to expect during treatment, how long it may take and what the end results are likely to be. The ideal acupuncturist will treat their patients as individuals. Based on their patient’s unique problems, they’ll insert the needles used during the procedure to stimulate targeted points on the body, addressing the patient’s distinct health issue. An “in tune” acupuncturist will have clinical skill, a caring heart and the ability to develop trusting relationships with their patients.


Comfortable Combing Alternative and Western Practices

While acupuncture is now a broadly accepted practice worldwide today, there are still a lot of people who are still more comfortable with traditional Western medicine. The best acupuncturist Will understand both approaches to treatment, both eastern and western practices, and will be able to work in conjunction with both to achieve the desired outcome for their patients.

Looks Beneath the Surface

Being able to look beneath the surface, and address the underlying problem, are the keys to treating not just the patient’s symptoms but the underlying problem. A great acupuncturist will have the intuitive skills necessary to “look beneath the surface”.

The Qi/Trust Connection

Acupuncture works on a philosophy of Qi, energy that flows through the body via meridian points. Qi promotes good health throughout the body, however outside factors, especially stress, can keep it from flowing appropriately. When it comes to “energy”, trust is essential. If a patient trusts their acupuncturist and they feel comfortable and safe in their office, it will benefit the outcome of treatment.

It’s extremely important to keep in mind that in order for a patient to experience the full benefit of acupuncture treatments, they need to also focus on taking control of their health by living a healthy lifestyle. The ideal acupuncturist will strongly encourage you to choose to make healthy lifestyle choices, empowering you to play an active part in your overall health and wellness. They will also teach you how to actively enhance the healing process during treatment.

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