The Process of Getting a Laminectomy and How You Can Get Immediate Relief from the Process


One of the most common types of back surgery is known as laminectomy. Laminectomy is defined as a kind of back surgery that widens the spinal canal through eliminating the lamina (the back section of the vertebra which encloses the spinal canal). Also known as lumbar laminectomy, decompressive laminectomy, and cervical laminectomy, the process engages a single incision or two at the human back.

The doctor opens the back to stretch the underlying muscle and eliminate the lamina’s section which is pressuring the spinal cord or nerve. The doctor creates space on the spinal canal in order to relieve pressure or pain on the spinal cord or nerves. In most instances, such pressure is due to body overgrowths in the spinal canal, which commonly happen to people with arthritis in the spine or spinal stenosis, as the medical field calls it.

The process of laminectomy is only considered when symptoms are already obstructing a person’s daily life such as difficulty in walking or standing and when traditional treatments like injections, physical therapy or medication have failed to relieve the symptoms. The surgery typically lasts less than an hour and its success rate is 80%. After the surgery, most patients can go home as early as the next day.

 When you go to a hospital and look for patients who have spinal stenosis, most of them are aging people with an age range between the fifties and the eighties. This is the reason why they are recommended to stay overnight in the hospital even if the process of laminectomy is considered as a simple and minor one.

Why Go Through the Process of Laminectomy?

Aside from getting relief from the pain brought by spinal stenosis, people undergo laminectomy due to a herniated spinal disc. A herniated spinal disc can also cause pain that is why it should be eliminated. The process is done through eliminating a little bit of the bone so that the doctor can securely pull the nerve root that is getting pinched out of the way and eliminate the section of the spinal disc which has herniated.

How to Prepare?

Before the procedure, you need to avoid drinking or eating anything for a certain period of time. Also, your doctor will provide specific instructions regarding the types of medication which you can and cannot take prior to the surgery. Follow these recommendations to avoid any complication later in time. In speaking of risks, though laminectomy is generally a secured procedure, it also carries a peril of potential complications which may include:

  • Blood clot
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Leak of spinal fluid
  • Nerve injury

Don’t neglect any continuous back pain you’re suffering from. Laminectomy remains to a preferred choice to find relief from the many spinal conditions people suffer from. This statement holds true to the many people who got a laminectomy in Stuart Florida. After the process, they are now living a healthier and better life every waking day, no pain, pressure or whatsoever.

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