The Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes for The Most Important Day Of Your Life

People love cakes. Especially we can say this about wedding cakes. The wedding is for many people the most important day of their lives, and of course, everyone would like to have the best wedding cake, which will surely remember each member of wedding celebration. You can find there on a market many companies dealing with wedding cakes. Moreover, on the internet there are several websites, offering very attractive services for you and for your wedding. We would like to point out the Bliss Bespoke Cakes, owned by Kimberley Turner.

Bliss Bespoke Cakes Company is reliable and stable wedding cake firm, which offers the best services for its customers. This company has a huge number of clients, who were highly satisfied with products of Kimberley Turner. She, as an owner of the firm, is a cake designer and chief washer-upper at Bliss Bespoke Cakes.

The style of cakes is very simple, but definitely eye-catching. You will be surprised how amazing things this cake artist can create from a very simple pattern. Important is not only design of the cake, but also its taste. Be sure that wedding cakes made by Bliss Bespoke Cakes are one of the best. The connection of beautiful design and unbelievable taste is almost indescribable.

Kimberley Turner is ready for all requirements of her customers. Nothing is impossible for her, and she can make a cake exactly according to your needs. It does not matter if you need cake in a shape of a ball, rectangle, or just simple classic round cake. After the short discussion about the wedding cake, you will surely find together the best solution for your idea.

Are you going to marry in 2014? Do you already know the newest trends? Well, this year trends are very similar to 2013. Very popular are flower patterns. Especially we can see it in summer, when people look for fresh taste, colorful surface, and bright colors of the wedding cake. However, many people want to have just a simple white wedding cake, with many colorful flowers on it.

Kimberley Turner with her team of professionals can create also some simpler wedding cakes. People, who are looking for minimal decorations can find their best choice in a simple and elegant style of cake. Usually they add there some hues of pink color and gold color. Suitable it also mints green and grey with silver. The most popular are white wedding cakes according to white color of bride´s wedding dress. Many people also like to adapt the color of the cake to the overall color of the decoration in the room. Remember that the white color in no way means boring color. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular colors.

Other styles are popular, as well. If you are looking for gold and silver cakes, there is no problem to create them for you. Vintage themed wedding cakes are also an option. It was very popular in 2013 and many people order vintage themed cakes today, as well.

Bliss Bespoke Cakes is ready to fulfill all of your requirements. Kimberley Turner with her team of professional cake decorators always does her job the best she can and clients of this company are happy to come back for another cake. They highly recommend the service of this company.

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