The Laser Skin Tightening Procedure


Unfortunately, as we age, our body starts to wear out and it shows. You will notice that it becomes harder to move, that your skin starts to wrinkle and even that your memory starts to become worse. Some of these things are inevitable to some degree, but the majority is things that you can prevent at least to some degree. A proper lifestyle with a healthy diet and regular physical exercise will help to keep your body intact for as long as possible. However, most of us go through life trying to enjoy ourselves and find that we have suddenly aged. Luckily, this still doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do anymore. Indeed, a number of different skin tightening procedures exits. Once upon a time, these procedures would be costly and time consuming and they would live hideous scars. This is no longer the case, however.

Laser Skin Tightening

When it was first made available, skin tightening was a surgical procedure. However, when it comes to skin tightening Fort Worth professionals are now generally using laser techniques instead. Laser is a lot less time consuming and a lot less painful and risky. Additionally, the results are almost instant. This is because the laser is used to heat up the collagen that lies beneath the skin. This then contracts, tightening the skin itself. The results truly are amazing. Unfortunately, for full body, permanent results, you will need to go for a few repeat treatments, usually three. The final results should be visible after a few months.

Choosing laser instead of surgery has a number of very clear benefits. Most importantly, it is a safe procedure and doesn’t hurt at all. Furthermore, recovery time is minimal, as are the side effects. Because of this, you can literally go straight back to work. Indeed, it is one of the so called “lunch time cosmetic procedures”, together with Botox.

Different Types of Laser Treatments

As laser is becoming more popular, different systems are being developed. You must choose the one that is right for you together with a dermatologist and/or a plastic surgeon. It is likely that either Titan or Polaris will be offered to you, as these are the most recommended systems.

The cost that you can expect depends on a number of factors. The chosen system is of influence, but also the area of the body that you want to have treated. Naturally, the more treatments you need, the more it will cost. You should be given a rough estimate to have a good idea of how much you will have to pay, but the cost tends to range from $500 to $3,000.

Laser skin tightening is fast and safe, as well as being highly reliable. Choosing your specialist will require a little bit of research. Make sure you look into reviews of the different professionals you could go to, and always visit at least three for a proper consultation. This will give you a much better idea of the procedure, the risks, the costs and the results.

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