The Best Julienne Peeler And Vegetable Slicer By Far

Julienne Peeler

In the last 10 years there has been more and more talk about obesity in America, and our unhealthy eating habits. Pastas, hamburgers, sweets, sodas, and fried fatty foods take up a majority of the dinner plates. That is why it is so important to add vegetables into our diets. Only 32 percent of American adults and 16 percent of American children eat the substantial amount of fruits and vegetables to get the needed amount of fiber and nutrients needed to protect against chronic health disorders.

Never Worried Too Much About Obesity Rates

I always insist that my family work hard at eating healthy and staying active, so I’ve never worried too much about obesity rates or unhealthy eating. Until a recent doctor’s visit brought to light that we may be missing something; my Husband’s cholesterol was over 350. My family is the most important thing in my life, and their health goes right along with that. I knew that we immediately needed to adjust our eating habits. Since then we have turned to eating more fruits and vegetables. The Customhouse julienne peeler has made this transition easier than I expected. I love the different functions, and how many different meal we can make with this simple tool. I have managed to make fancier looking foods like honey glazed julienne carrots, to putting a new twist on my family’s favorite beanie weenie casserole. Imagine my surprise when I realized that the julienne cutter could cut cheese too.

My daughter is an extremely picky eater. Sometimes french fries and spaghetti noodles were the only meals I could get her to eat. She loves the zoodles, which are spaghetti noodles made from zucchini. They are healthy, simple, taste delicious, and are easy to make using the julienne vegetable slicer. Using the julienne cutter, french fries are also simple. With the amazing variety of recipe options, I have been able to turn a usually fatty food into a much healthier option. One of my own favorite recipes is the Consommé Julienne a La Kennedy. I tweaked the recipe adding pine nuts, and one extra cabbage leaf.

Best Julienne Peeler For Diet

I am usually very busy juggling job, home, and family. There are many days that I finally come home, and start on dinner wondering how I ever got along without my vegetable julienne peeler, or the delicious recipes that came with it. Eating healthy has become so much easier. I recommended the julienne slicer to my Grandmother too. Her hands are riddled with arthritis. The rubber handle is super comfortable and wont slip out of her hands. This is one utensil in my kitchen that I will never let myself go without again. It is definitely the best julienne peeler that I have ever found.

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