The Benefits of Collagen & Elastin for Your Skin

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When it comes to our skin we often underestimate just how important collagen and elastin can be. In fact, our skin consist of about 70% collagen (seriously), while elastin acts as a natural companion to said collagen proteins. With that in mind, you can only imagine how essential these two components are, and why many brands have worked hard to deliver products that aid in not only nurturing collagen and elastin, but also giving the skin a serious boost of it. One particularly popular brand, Clayton Shagal, offers some of the most advanced and effective formulas, meaning serious anti-aging results.

The Benefits of Collagen

It is Hydrating – Collagen has been proven to be able to retain up to 8x it’s own weight in water, making it a fantastic hydrator. It is no secret that moisture is critical to maintaining healthy skin and preventing aging.

It Helps You Maintain Your Skin’s Elasticity – Collagen is essential for maintaining your skin’s elasticity, which in turn helps to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. As you age, the collagen in your skin naturally begins to break down, resulting in the signs of aging. Utilizing products that boost collagen health allows you to fend off (and sometimes reverse) these signs of again.

It Gives the Skin Volume – It is no wonder why many turn to injectable collagen to boost skin volume. In addition to being responsible for maintaining skin elasticity, collagen also acts to plump and volumize the skin, creating a smooth and wrinkle free surface. For those who do not wish to go under the needle, topical solutions are absolutely an option. However, you must use due diligence to research the collagen products you are considering, as many do not work to penetrate the skin enough to have a serious effect.

Why Elastin is Also Important

Collagen-and-ElastinAlthough Elastin makes up far less of the skin than Collagen, it still plays a key role in skin health, particularly hydration. The essential role of elastin is to bind collagen together. Once Elastin becomes weakened, which occurs naturally as we each, the result is a loss in skin elasticity (as the collagen fibers are no longer tightly bound together). Certain factors, such as lack of skin hydration, sun damage, free radical damage, and more can contribute to the premature weakening of elastin fibers, which is why it is essential that you take proper precautions in keeping your skin protected and nourished.

Collagen & Elastin as Skin Care Ingredients

These two ingredients have been proven to be fabulous moisture binders, meaning they will hydrate your skin deeply. When selecting a collagen or elastin product, you will want to ensure you are reaching for a product with smaller molecules, which will allow for deeper penetration. While collagen in skin care products will not work to create more collagen in your skin, it does work to keep your naturally occurring collagen and elastin healthy and hydrated, for beautiful, anti-aging results.

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