TFT VS. EFT In Chiang Mai Thailand: Which One Is Best For You?

Godfather of both therapies

Human beings are very vulnerable and are a lot different from each other due to different beliefs, cultures, education and for other geopolitical reasons. Each person is generally self obsessed with their own concept of uniqueness and the reality around them. Individuals have their own unique ways of interacting, dealing with and most importantly, overcoming certain problems in their life.

For some, they see solving their problems as a great way of improving themselves to become better and more productive individuals, but for others, they are seemingly not capable of changing themselves or they do not have the ability to overcome a certain problems. Their emotionally scarred circumstances make it harder for them to accept and heal past or deep rooted issues. They see the world as an unsafe place to live in and are plagued with negative traits and habits.

It is very alarming to see individuals suffering from emotional problems, most especially those people who are scared a deep subconscious level and have little or no chance of resolving their issues without the help of a qualified therapist. In such cases, it can really be a great source of help or even a solution for them to be introduce to, Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). These two Therapies available in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The Difference

Thought Field Therapy (TFT), created by Roger Callahan, is a procedure of doing sequential tapping on specific acupressure points on the body called meridians, which are also use in acupuncture. The tapping sequences in TFT are known as Algorithms, there is a specific tapping sequence for various different emotions or limiting beliefs which need to be applied in the correct sequence to removed or cured specific issues.  This therapy is considered as an all-natural healing system and the great thing about this is that it is does not only dealing with stress relief or superficial emotional scars, but it works to resolve very deep rooted issues from  past and present. Amazingly the diagnostics procedures in TFT has the capability of locating and knowing the fundamental cause of specific problems experienced by an individual client, which pin points the core issue with a better accuracy. This additional technique can support the healing process and provides some reassurance and confidence for the patient.

Furthermore, it is also capable of balancing the energy system of the body and allowing the person to eliminate all negative emotions, in just few minutes. It is non-invasive, healthy form of self-help and highly-effective treatment that is a perfect alternative to psychotherapy which is usually drug dependent and the patient needs to be treated for a longer period of time.

It is good for people who want to lose weight and quit smoking, relieves trauma, eliminates anxiety, stress, fears, and eases depression without the use of any medications. It also provides the person with a technique focusing on releasing the emotions enabling them to free themselves from these destructive patterns and allow you to create lasting changes whilst you walk on a new path leading to success and happiness in your life.

Meanwhile, EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique in Chiang Mai is a technique that mainly focuses on random acupressure tapping points called meridians to release the negative beliefs and emotions. EFT can help eradicate most issues from the past with varied success. This therapy can optimize emotional wellbeing and psychological health. It can be used in treating various physical as well as emotional ailments. It is being used by therapist in Chiang Mai  to help people remove negative emotions, food cravings, and can eliminate or even reducing the physical pain suffered by a patients. It has been useful for creating positive affirmations and goals. The random tapping sequences or tapping all the meridians points with the guidance of the therapist can produce good results. Gary Craig is the created of Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT) who was one of Roger Callahan’s first students, he rebranded Thought Field Therapy(TFT) and made a modality called(EFT) that helps lots of people, But is not as effective as TFT.

Godfather of both therapies(TFT)

My observations and experience shows me that EFT is the much more inferior Therapy due to exclusion of the diagnostics procedure and the specific tapping points(Algorithms) that are used in a Thought Field Therapy Session to Produce up to a 97% success rate in treating patients. The Godfather of both therapies is TFT and Mr Callahan has to get the recognition he deserves for helping so many people with his amazing innovation and hard work.

The Bottom Line

In addition, if you want to experience the benefits of Thought Field Therapy(TFT), then it is best to obtain professional help from a TFT therapist, Kevin Collins Of Mind Mastering. He will provide expert help for you to overcoming your problems with fears, phobias or anxieties, and of course through the unique TFT way. His therapy sessions will give you new hopes and dreams that you can have a happier and more fulfilling life, thus setting you free from your debilitating behaviours as well as your destructive limiting beliefs. Visit our website and see how wonderful it is to experience the power of Thought Field Therapy.

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