Testosterone Boosting Supplements

Testosterone Boosting Supplements

Many people think that, to naturally increase your testosterone, you won’t get that much of benefit from testosterone boosters, or testosterone boosting supplements, however that couldn’t be much more wrong than that…

What are Testosterone Boosters?

There’s many different kinds of boosters on the market, many of them have got a bad reputation, frankly, many of those boosters even deserve their bad reputations.

You see there’s different kinds of boosters, for example; Natural testosterone boosters, herbal testosterone boosters, synthetic testosterone boosters with pro-hormones, and “male formulas” with combinations of herbs etc.
So testosterone boosters can’t be judged all together, you can’t just go on and say that testosterone boosters won’t work if you have only tried a “male formula pill” from men’s health…

The truth however is that most of the valid testosterone boosters do work exceptionally well, as there’s peer reviewed and respected studies that back up the claims.

To show you some examples, I have picked up 3 testosterone boosters with high quality scientific background, from the foremost best testosterone booster guide on the internet called ”Testosterone Booster Guide”from the AnabolicMen.com website;

Testosterone Booster #1: Shilajit

Shilajit is a rocky tar-like substance that grows in the deep rocks of the Himalayan mountains.
It contains over 85 different bio-active minerals, along with fulvic-acid, which makes those minerals absorb better than nothing else.

This is what science has to say about Shilajit;

1. Increasestestosterone level by a respective 23,5% – Indian College of Medicine
2. Increases total sperm count by 61.4% -Indian College of Medicine
3. Boosts sperm production by 37.6% – Indian College of Medicine

Those results were achieved with 200 mg’s of daily Shilajit in 3 months.

Testosterone Booster #2: MucunaPruriens

MucunaPuriens is an Indian bean (also referred as the velvet bean), which has some awesome benefits for our testosterone, growth hormone, and dopamine levels.

It contains huge amounts of natural L-Dopa or Levadopa, which is known to be a precursor of dopamine, that converts into natural dopamine in our body.

As some of you might know, dopamine is also known for its ability to enhance testosterone and growth hormone production, by stimulating the pituitary gland.

This is what science says about MucunaPruriens;

1. Increases testosterone significantly – C.S.M. Medical University
2. Significantly boosts dopamine – King George’s Medical University
3. Improves sperm quality – C.S.M. Medical University

Testosterone Booster #3: D-Aspartic-Acid

D-aspartic-Acid (D-AA, D-Asp, DAA) is one of the “non-essential” amino-acids in the human body.
Despite D-AA being non-essential, it still has plays a crucial role in the male leydig cells, that produce testosterone inside testicles.

This is what science says about D-AA;

1. Boosts testosterone level by 42% – Journal of Biological Endocrinology
2. Significantly boosts testosterone levels in a handful of animal studies.
3. Stimulates testosterone release in leydig cells exposed to D-AA.

Conclusion :

Next time when someone tells you there’s no science behind testosterone boosters, guide them to check out the definitive guide of testosterone boosters from the AnabolicMen.com website for some scientific evidence.

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