How to Take Back Your Life from Addiction

If you are a victim of alcohol and drug abuse, you may be looking for sober houses in Austin Tecas. Addiction can take control of your life, and you may need a safe, friendly and effective atmosphere in order to take back control and live without the burden of drug or alcohol addiction. Anylength Addiction Treatment empowers men who believe they can achieve recovery. It is a non-clinical model that supports men who have tried other methods with no success, but believe they are alcohol or drug addicts and are ready to take the steps needed to recover, live sober and become responsible members of society.

How It Starts?

Recovery starts with the chance to share personal experiences and listen to other’s experiences. This allows guests to broaden their perspective on the issue of addiction and realize that it is not unique to them. They may realize that the past is the past and cannot be undone, but it need not dictate the future. Understanding the big picture helps guests see the value of becoming useful in their communities. Their mentors and sponsors work hard to help guests gain enthusiasm and motivation for living a sober life. Guests make connections with men who have recognized their own addiction and conquered it. Along with throwing off the bondage of addiction, guests learn life skills, including personal hygiene, physical fitness, cooking and table manners, to name a few.

Residential Versus Outpatient Programs

While outpatient programs may be suitable for some, men who have tried other methods and failed find that a residential program offers the best chance of recovery. One reason for this is that addicts and non-addicts often try to escape reality and are caught up in a fantasy world that feeds their addiction. For most people, it is not easy or even possible to escape the drug or alcohol fueled world and become well again on their own. They need the help and guidance of professionals to face reality and make it their beautiful world. This is especially true in Austin where the famous South by Southwest festival is held every year. While one of the top music, comedy and film festivals in the world, it may add fuel to the fire of an addict. Once a person realized he is struggling in the grip of addiction, he needs to change unhealthy patterns including his living situation and interact with friends and mentors in a safe, sober environment.

What Are the Benefits of an All-Male Facility?

Once a person faces the fact that he or she needs help to get back to a healthy lifestyle, they need to decide what help they need. For men, choosing an all-male rehab facility means they are making the decision to have as few distractions from their aim as possible. The same goes for women in an all-female facility. Alcohol and drug addiction are diseases that are never really cured. Once the substances are out of the system, normal feelings that have been anesthetized for years come flooding back. In an all-male facility, guests have a better chance to rebuild their lives before they face the many distractions they will see when they are well.

How Long Does It Take?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to addiction recovery time. There are many factors that contribute to the amount of time it takes to achieve a healthy life. For some, an intensive two-week program may be enough to help a guest get sober and stay that way. This could include intensive one-on-one treatment to either help the guest get ready for sober living or for outpatient care.

A four-week program may be the most popular. It gives the guest time to detox and be aware of reality and how it relates to him. Getting the substance out of the system is just the beginning. The guest needs time to adjust his thoughts and feelings to a sober, useful lifestyle.

An eight-week program can be customized for the guests unique needs and gives sufficient time to make sure the all the needs are addressed. This includes detox, life skills, behavior changes and more.

If you, a member of your family or close friend are in the grips of alcohol or drug addiction, there is hope that they can live a healthy life again. Through the help of previous addicts and professionals, every level of the person’s life will be examined, allowing them to reach sobriety in their spiritual, mental, physical and emotional worlds.

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