Symptoms of Acid Reflux

Symptoms of Acid

If you are suffering from acid reflux and don’t know the symptoms of it. Then here is the list of symptoms. These symptoms can vary from person to person. Some people might be suffering from all of these symptoms and some might have very few. I have gathered these symptoms through my 3 years of learnings because at one point I was severely suffering from this illness. Don’t take this list as some kind of concrete proof of acid reflux but take it as extra information in understanding your symptoms better.

Cough with Mucous: This is one of the most annoying symptoms of acid reflux.  In this person coughs and mostly cough accompanies with mucous. Cough can be very vigorous throughout the whole day or can be infrequent depending upon how bad the acid reflux is.

Dry cough with Occasional Mucous: In this person coughs but not that often. Also sometimes he might get a white mucous in this mouth.

Acidic taste in mouth: In this person might feel like his throat is burning because of acid that has accidently come up in this throat.

IBS like feeling: Other symptoms could be stomach illness called Irritable bowel syndrome. Although it is not directly linked to acid reflux but IBS is linked to poor digestion which in turn is one of the major contributing factor to acid reflux

Dry throat and skin: If you feel your skin is very itchy, skin is dry or even if you feel your throat is getting dry quite often particularly after eating the food, then that could be triggered by acid reflux.

Deficiency of vitamin Bs: Acid reflux is a byproduct of poor digestion and poor digestion can lead to vitamin B deficiency specifically vitamin B12. You can get your blood tested to see if your vitamin B12 level is sufficient or not. In US Vitamin B12s can be found over the counter. Make sure you consult the doctor before taking any supplements. One can buy these vitamins cheap from

Bloating and constant shifting pain: Acid reflux can be triggered by constant bloating in the stomach which in turn can lead to constraining of stomach muscles and can lead to feeling of mild shifting pain under stomach area.

Understanding the symptoms and then finding the root cause of symptoms is very important to control Acid reflux. Hopefully above symptoms list would lead you in the right direction. If anyone wants to know more then follow the link below. This site has lot of information about how to cure GERD and Acid Reflux

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