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Stretch Recipes

HEADLINE:  Winners of Austin Tech Crunch Audience Choice Meet-Up  & Social Good Start-up to launch Crowdfund Campaign.


SUBHEAD: Stretch Recipes, Inc. an early stage minority woman owned company is building a mobile app that will help you stick to your grocery budget and eat more nutritionally at the same time

DATELINE: Austin, TX July 14, 2014

LEAD PARAGRAPH: “Cheetos and Ground Beef changed my life,” the CEO begins to open up on her journey to build Stretch Recipes.  When her youngest brother exhausted his entire monthly food stamp budget on a variety of potato chips, Cheetos and ground beef, Lauren Foster was angry with her brother, angry with the system before realizing that the problem was cyclical.  Lauren grew up with her retired grandmother who was diabetic, had heart disease and cancer.  As a result, she mostly ate fast food growing up.  The learning curve was steep for her to budget, plan meals, let alone figure out what was nutritious.  So in late 2013, Lauren set out on a mission to help everyone eat better and save more.  Her company Stretch Recipes is starting by building a mobile application that pairs budget with nutritional chef recipes and coupons.  “You enter your budget, the number of people and number of days.  You enter foods you don’t like or can’t have.  You get recipes.  You pick your recipes and then it generates a shopping list that’s automatically tied to coupons.  The app is called Stretch.”

SECOND PARAGRAPH:  Was it the Story behind Stretch Recipes was something the audience of 500 predominately boot strapped entrepreneurs and University students could relate to at the Tech Crunch Meet-up?  Or was it the excitement of simply saving money and eating more than Ramen? According to Twitter, it was the cause, the social impact.  The opportunity to help over 100 million people find a way to eat more nutritionally on a budget, including a SNAP population of 50 million.  This makes sense in a food conscious city as Austin.  In the company of well-known and funded start-ups such as Tevido Bio Devices, Plum, and Peep, Stretch Recipes took home Audience Choice, earning them tickets to Disrupt to Pitch at Disrupt in September.

BODY:  With the excitement and validation, the team, which consists of Lauren Foster and Technical Co-Founder Ben Shank, are now turning to Indiegogo to get the MVP launched by the end of summer.  They are launching a campaign on July 15th to Crowd fund finishing funds for their first testable version to try out on 100 people in Austin and showcase at Disrupt.  The team is seeking to raise $25,000 to cover front-end development, content, research, marketing and hosting costs to get them to this milestone. They have pledged 1 cooking class for every $1,000 raised for a family in need among a host of other “Stret¢h Stretch goals.”  The team is really in need of this funding as they are living off savings to get this social good enterprise off the ground.

BOILERPLATE: Stretch Recipes is an Austin based start-up on a mission to help everyone eat better and save more.


Lauren Foster CEO/Founder of Stretch Recipes


Source:Stretch Recipes

QUOTES: “Cheetos and Ground beef changed my life”

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