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If you’re in a workplace that’s about as safe as an active volcano, you’ll know how it feels to be at constant risk of injury. Nails coming out of the ground, wires left strewn across the floor, light fixtures that look like they could POP at any second – but a job’s a job, right?

And, if you don’t work in this kind of environment, you’ve probably got a fairly vivid picture of the type of boss who’d let their business fall into such disrepair. They’re a cigar toting villain with tobacco stained fingers and a wife beater vest,cackling at their employees’ misfortune.

But here are two truths – your workplace doesn’t have to be an accident waiting to happen, and your boss probably isn’t the employer from hell.

With a little bit of effort – and without a put up, shut up attitude – you can keep employee health tiptop and stop your workplace combusting into accident central. Here’s how.

Talk to the professionals

If you reckon your workplace is becoming a hub for accidents, then you have to seek legal counsel at the first possible moment. It might sound like bringing a bazooka to a gun fight, but without effective legal advice you run the risk of doing something that could contravene employment laws and place you in the wrong.

If you actually have had an accident in your workplace, then your first port of call should be to contact a personal injury claim lawyer who’ll guide you through the legal process of claiming against your employer and ensurean accident doesn’t occur again.

Create a merry band of employees

Since the Thatcher era of the 80s, labour unions in the UK have been systematically dismantled, creating a disparate workforce unable to represent itself. Workers now stand largely unequipped to persuade employers to up their game.

However, the wider problem of a lack of unions doesn’t have to apply to your workplace.

Instead, simply by speaking to your co-workers, you could create a stronger workforce that’s more knowledgeable about its rights, and sticks up for itself.

A boss is more likely to listen to a group of disgruntled workers than one lone voice, so get your co-workers educated and you don’t have to be a single complainer.

Stay on good terms

Nobody wants to be a “brownnoser”, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay on good terms with your employer – and not only for reasons of friendship. If you can have your employer’s ear, you’ll find it much easier to persuade them to up their health and safety game.

At the end of the day, having to tip toe around your office for fear of an accident won’t help you or your employer. So, get it sorted to stay fit and healthy.

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