Should You Let Your Baby Watch The Tube?


Whether watching TV is harmful to young children or not is an age-old debate. The typical child in the US watches 4 hours of television every day. Just less than half of babies under 3 months watch it too. A 2003 study found that kids that watched more TV had more reading problems. Some teachers and doctors then started advising parents to cut back on the amount of time their children watched the tube.

Then, in 2007, another study concluded that even educational videos like “Brainy Baby” and “Baby Einstein” could harm the development of their brains. They found that such little dialogue and interactivity in the videos didn’t provide the stimulation needed for their brains to develop and grow enough new neural connections. There are also public interest groups out there who think movies and TV shows can cause children to have ADHD or aggression issues. They estimate the average middle schooler that watches about 4 hours of TV every day has seen over 8,000 murders on TV.

But it’s best to take this information into consideration but make up your mind for yourself. There are both benefits and drawbacks to watching the tube. No doubt there’s an upside to watching TV that isn’t being accounted for here. There’s no way these studies can determine all of the positive effects it has on children. A child that’s sheltered from what’s going on in the real world is going to be more naive, at a disadvantage when it comes to making quick decisions, and they may have more trouble interacting with their peers at school. They need to be prepared for real-life situations in the world that awaits them and just reading books isn’t enough. These factors weren’t taken into account by the studies. So don’t believe everything you read. Parents need to decide this for themselves and not let pathetic intellectuals who are detached from the real world scare them into making the wrong choices when it comes to raising their children and preparing them for living, not just thinking.

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