Benefits of Meditation on Your Mind – Learning the Secret of Meditation

Meditation in Singapore

People often think that meditation means relaxing but the actual fact is that meditation is something more than just relaxing. Over the last few years, meditation has gradually become a legitimate health craze as research has linked meditation with enhanced cardiovascular heath to various other cognitive benefits. In fact, science has even studied that mindful meditation can even have a good impact on gene expression. Modern day science has left behind the age-old practice and they say that meditation is about much more than blissing out. Have a look at the benefits of meditation on your mind and how it can boost your medical condition.

  1. Improves emotional control

    When we meditate, this usually makes us feel calmer but do the benefits of meditation spill over your day-to-day life? There was a group that scanned the brains who were meditating in an 8-week meditation program before they started the course and after they did so. Participants looked at the scan reports that were designed to evoke negative, positive and some neutral emotional reactions. Even after the course of meditation, the emotional portion of the brain was gradually reduced to all pictures. This clearly implies lasting emotional control when you’re not meditating.

  2. Changes in structure of your brain

    Meditation is an indeed powerful medicine that can even induce changes in the structure of the brain. In order to demonstrate these effects, images of 15 people’s brains were taken after they went through a meditation course. As compared to a control group, their grey matter density in the hippocampus-an area (which is associated with memory and learning) was seen to have increased.

  3. Ripens and plows compassion

    One of the benefits of meditation is to assist pople in being compassionate and virtuous. In a study, the participants who were meditatiing were given a test for their compassion. They were asked to sit and two actors were asked to enter with crutches who pretended to be in huge pain. It was seen that the people who had been meditating were 50% more likely to help them fight their pain.

  4. Reduces pain

    One of the benefits of meditation is that those who meditate everyday experience less pain than the others who don’t meditate. Through meditational training, the cortex of our brain appears to thicken and this appears to reduce the sensitivity of the pain.

  5. Increases cognitive power

    How would you prefer your brain to work faster? According to a survey in 2010, surveyers found noteworthy benefits of meditation for the newbie meditators from only 80 minutes of meditation over a span of 4 days. In spite of their brief practice period, meditators improved on measures of btter memory, executive functioning and visual processing.

  6. Hones concentration

    Meditation is all about learning to concentrate and to have better control over attention. If you don’t think you are able to concentrate, you can meditate regularly.

Learn to meditate in order to reap the above mentioned benefits. If you don’t know the basics of meditation, you can get help of a trainer.

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