Revolutionary Female Hair Restoration Treatments from Advanced Hair Clinic

Targeted Treatments Created Exclusively for Women Now Available From the World’s Number One

The female-focused arm of the world’s number-one in cutting-edge hair restoration has once again issued an open call to women facing hair loss across the UK. Advanced Hair’s revolutionary approach to female hair restoration has already changed thousands of lives for the better, thanks to a wide range of treatment options suitable for even the most severe and unusual cases of female hair loss.

Boasting unrivalled experience on a global basis, the Advanced Hair team is able to succeed where others may not even dare try. The brand’s dedicated sister-arm is once again urging women to avoid suffering in silence and to come forward for the help and advice they need, as to nip hair loss in the bud is to stand the very best chance of halting and reversing it.

Exclusive Treatments for Women

“The general consensus is that hair loss problems affect mostly males however you may be surprised by the number of females who experience hair thinning and baldness. There are many reasons for hair loss in women including genetic, illness, hormonal imbalance or even something as simple as lifestyle. Whatever the cause, Advanced Hair Clinic offer the very best hair loss products and treatments available! We offer fantastic hair loss remedies and treatments for thinning hair and baldness as well as some amazing products for excessively damaged hair.” –

The range of treatment options available right now at is not only unique, but features the most technologically advanced hair restoration processes ever devised. Outstanding results can be achieved even when various other attempts have failed – with, there’s always a wonderfully reassuring new avenue to explore.

Female hair loss treatments from Advanced Hair include:

  • Advanced Hair Check – Professional consultations and inspections carried out by industry-leading experts, in order to determine both the cause of the hair loss and the most appropriate treatment option.
  • Advanced Laser Therapy – Results become noticeable in less than three months and the resulting effects are simply staggering. Advanced Hair’s Advanced Laser Therapy is the very definition of cutting-edge, future-ready hair restoration.
  • Strand by Strand – Consistently successful and perhaps the most famous of all procedures carried out by Advanced Hair, Strand-by-Strand achieves incredible results with no pain, no surgery and no scarring.
  • Singular Hair Transplant – By physically transplanting the actual follicles of the hair into the affected areas, the resulting growth that follows is supremely natural-looking and of outstanding health.
  • Flashpoints – The most advanced hair extensions on the market that attach securely without the need for weaving, wax or any kind of glue. A wonderfully natural aesthetic that’s fast, easy and affordable.

Expert Advice

Advanced Hair Studio have been developing and perfecting hair replacement procedures for over 35 years. –

With so many options to choose from, Advanced Hair Clinic highly recommends organising a free consultation at the very first sign of any thinning or falling hair that may have you worried.

About is a sister site venture set up by the world’s number-one in hair restoration and rejuvenation – Advanced Hair. Having fully acknowledged the way in which female hair loss can be uniquely traumatic and distressing, the decision was made to establish a dedicated portal specifically for women facing any such problems. Advanced Hair currently operates 70 treatment centres all over the world and has helped over half a million people restore not only their hair, but also their former confidence.

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