Reflexology: How it can improve Your Blood Circulation


Reflexology has been used for many, many years to improve certain health conditions that many people suffer from. Reflexology originates from Asian medicine practices. This practice works with focusing on the feet which in return is connected to certain parts of the body. One example would be adding pressure to the middle of the bottom of the foot; this stimulates your kidneys. When putting pressure on the toes, your nose and ears are stimulates. Putting pressure to certain areas of the body will increase the flow of blood to different parts of the body. The purpose of this method is to heal those areas of the body through the pressure areas.

Some of the health conditions that can be improved by increasing the flow of blood include tension headaches and insomnia. The reason for this is because when the blood flow is increased so does the pain which in return starts the process healing. Therapy companies like Montreal are those that should be contacted in case you are interested in having a reflexology session or two. As you read along you will learn more about the many reasons why it would be good to consider reflexology to improve your health conditions.

If you are stressed out, this type of therapy will train your body on how to relax easily when you are tense.

Another thing that will improve within your body is blood flow as mentioned above.

Improvement of Headaches

Many people suffer from headaches, and a lot of times headaches occur due to being stressed out. What a better life you can live knowing that you will be free from stress and headaches.

A couple of other things that you will have some relief from include:

  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Insomnia
  • Stomach Disorders

If you ever decide to have this therapy done for a healing process you will start to notice results the same day you state it. Many people like the fact that they have no more pain when they use this method of healing. This is one of the reasons reflexology has been used for many decades.


When the reflexologist performs the therapy on your body, you will experience pain at first; this is normal because it takes time to work the pain out of your body. However, if you become too uncomfortable you should let the practitioner know so that he/she can adjust to your personal comfort level. Just keep in mind that having some pain is normal. It is important to also take note that some of the pain and discomfort that you might be experiencing can be due to an imbalance or low energy.

Some Tips

Tips that you should take into consideration when you are visiting the reflexologist include:

  • You need to know about the reflexology chart and how it works. You can view online examples to learn more about the chart and how to read it.
  • You need to know how many treatments are required in order to notice a reduction in the pain that you are experiencing. You can discuss this more with the reflexologist of your choice.

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