Protein – truth and myths

How many times you heard that protein is the most important of macronutrients? That you can’t live without protein. Did you hear that you have to eat a lot of meat to increase the muscle mass or lost body fat, cause meat mean protein, of course.

Read this short article to know if they was right or just tell myths.

What is the most important in my diet?

The answer isn’t simple like you can think. The adult human body contains approximately 60% water and can live only 10 days without this fluid. Without food we can live much longer. Anyway to exist and be healthy we need water and all of macro- and micronutrients. So your diet should be balanced and varied.

Do I die without protein?

Definitely yes! Every organism need protein to live. The best amount for inactive person is 0,8 grams per kilogram of body weight per day. Protein is necessary to many processes taking place in the body, e.g.  it develops and maintains muscles and organs, it is a key component in our blood, immune system, and countless other vital systems.

How much protein do I need?

It depends on your weight, physical activity, health – people who have kidney disease should eat only 0,6 grams protein per kilogram of their body weight. If you are going to lose some weight you can eat a little bit more protein – 1,2g, it will help you achieve the goal. Are you athlete? If you go to gym and your major aim is to increase the muscle mass, you can eat even 2 grams protein, but you don’t need more. Don’t believe your trainer or gym friends, here rule “the more the better” not works. If you are more into endurance sports, you should provide 1,2-1,4 grams protein to your body. Like you see it’s not a lot, but it’s very important to consume adequate amount.

Should I eat meat and dairy every day?

To meet the daily demand for protein, you don’t have to eat meat, eggs and dairy products every day, and even at all. You have to know that not only products which are major sources of protein in your diet contains this macronutrient. Almost everything what you eat provide protein. Maybe except oils, because all calories from this products comes from fat. Other products like vegetables, fruits, grains which are full of carbohydrates also provide protein. On this nutrition calculator you can check how many grams protein in 100g have many products, or find only high protein food.

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