Proper Medical Care to Cure the Itching and Pain of Hemorrhoid Patients


Even though not an incurable proviso, scores of children and adults suffer inaudibly from hemorrhoid. To establish good health and make blood vessels strong, it is very much essential for us to intake healthy foodstuffs. In every health magazine, you can see the nutritionists and physicians always recommending piles patients to consume more and more quantity of vitamins and minerals so as to prevent the blood vessels from swelling and bursting.
Hemorrhoid treatment chiefly focuses on assuaging the sore symptoms by augmenting the fibre and fluid content in the diet and taking tub bath. Even loads of doctors prescribe the piles patients to use fibre addendums or excreta softeners. Rarely, the doctors recommend surgery for treating the same. Some operation techniques of piles ailment are infrared coagulation, hemorrhoidectomy, sclerotherapy and rubber band ligation.

Traditional treatment

Hemorrhoid therapeutic generally starts with traditional remedial treatment. This healing primarily intends to give relief to the piles sufferers from itching and aching problems.
Here in the following points, the readers will get to know some of the quick ways to lessen the pain:

  • Taking tub baths three or four times a day in plain water and 20 to 30 minutes in hot water.
  • When the patient observes the symptoms of haemorrhoid on his/her anus area, apply cold pack on it.

Loads of piles medications are available in the pharmaceutical stores in cream, drop and tablet forms that can be sometimes bought without prescriptions. Some of these medicines contain anaesthetic elements that help the patients to get temporary relief from the severe ache.

Get Relief from the Pressure of Constipation

Thwarting the reappearance of hemorrhoids will require mitigating the pressure and spraining of constipation. Most of the physicians often prescribe these patients to amplify the amount of fluid and fibre nutrients in their diet. Furthermore, they recommend drinking eight to ten glasses of water regularly that result in making the stool soft. Smooth excreta easily vacate the bowels which in turn decrease the pressure on hemorrhoid and avert it from obtruding. Here are some of the foodstuffs that contains rich content of fibre –

  • Bran
  • Whole grains
  • Green vegetables
  • Carrot
  • Fruits

Besides, physicians also prescribe the patients to use fibre additives or bulk stool softeners for instance methylcellulose or psyllium. The hemmorhoids sufferers should shun laxative food items.

Adaptation of Bowel habits – Part of Hemorrhoid Healing

As a division of controlling hemorrhoid, it is necessary for the piles patients to allocate a fixed time in their daily routine for bowel movement. Doctors suggest them to wipe or rub the bowel in apathetic manner. Patting is the substitute process of mopping in which it is advisable to use soggy and soft pad. During the process of bowel movement, the patients should not give on hemorrhoids.

There are loads of medical cares that provide effectual Hemorrhoid treatment to the piles victims. The famous hemorrhoid healing medications are HemRid, Avatrol, Venapro, Tronolane Anaesthetic Cream, and Preparation H Medicated Hemorrhoidal Wipes and so on.

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