Bodybuilding is a complicated and demanding sport, and one must be careful as to not overtrain his body. The three keys to success when it comes to bodybuilding are training, resting, and nutrition, although some people ignore the rest component. Recovery is just as important as the actual training and if neglected, will not only reduce your gains but will also increase your chances of getting injured.

New rest and recovery come mostly from sleep and food, but it will work to your advantage if you supplement these things, giving your body that extra edge. The most important thing to keep in mind is that supplements are exactly as their name describes them: something you supplement with. Do not base your plan on such things or you will find yourself not only running out of cash, but also loosing muscle since the foundation will not be present.

Recovery supplements come in many forms but the best I have found are the ones that actually improve your sleep quality. The better you sleep, the more refreshed you will be in the morning resulting in a better mood and better workouts! Training supplements normally come in the form of pre-workouts and these are very effective; at least they have been for me. You take such supplements shortly before your workout and they simply turn you into a demon; you have more energy, you feel stronger, and you pump up more. Last but not least, we also have nutritional supplements.

These are the most common as is evident by the fact that pretty much everyone that trains has tried a protein powder. Since you will probably buy such a supplement, please make sure you are buying the one that’s right for you. If you are looking to gain weight for example, get a weight gainer, but if you are on a diet buy a powder that doesn’t contain a lot of carbs and sugars.

Another thing I want to talk about, with reference to Pharmasterols, are prohormones. Also called “legal steroids”, these supplements are very effective and emulate the effects of anabolic steroids, but obviously not to the same degree. Likewise, they also carry some of their side effects so make sure you are aware of that before buying and consuming them.

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