Perfect Muscle Toning with Elliptical Trainer and Treadmill

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Elliptical trainers and treadmills are two most commonly used fitness equipment across the globe. Both these fitness equipment help you to attain a well shaped body, flexible muscles and strong stature. The treadmills and elliptical trainers simulate walking or running and get the gluteus muscles working especially due to the inclined structure of the treadmill and thereby aids in muscle toning. Though treadmills (and elliptical) are quite similar in behavior but elliptical are considered ideal for lighter exercise session.

How can treadmill help in enhancing the gluteus muscle?

To specially tone the gluteus muscle, the person must increase the inclined stature of the treadmill to simulate jogging. This kind of exercise is called “inclined training” and it causes high stress on the gluteus muscles when the person shifts his body weight from one leg to another. Treadmill helps to tone the gluteus muscles, but the structure of the machine has to be inclined. If the treadmill is set on a straight plane and the person is walking normally, it does not work on the muscles anymore. However the correct exercise routine must involve practicing on both inclined and non inclined treadmills to avoid muscle imbalance. If you plan to but a treadmill the first go here for treadmill reviews so as to make the correct choice.

How can elliptical trainer help in enhancing the gluteus muscle?

Elliptical trainer is a highly sophisticated machine that works on almost all the muscles of the body including gluteus muscles. The running/walking motion is simulated by the elliptical trainer as well but the stress caused by it is lesser than the treadmill. So if you want to tone up your muscles slowly without suffering from the drawbacks caused by deep exercising then this machine is ideal to start with. If you want to read more about elliptical trainer; go here for elliptical reviews.

Which is best for enhancing the muscles?

If you believe the researchers then jogging on the treadmill engages as much as 50% of the gluteus muscles however exercising with elliptical trainer engages only 32% of it. Although treadmills are considered as the best way to workout the muscles but many people are not comfortable exercising on it. Elliptical trainer thus becomes the choice due to less stress on the gluteus muscles. Pro longed exercise schedule leads to the toning up of muscles without causing any kind of pain to the other joints and body. Before getting an elliptical machine, go here for elliptical reviews.

How much time does it take to tone your muscles on fitness machines?

The time span required for toning your muscles with the help of treadmills and elliptical trainers completely depend on your present weight and how much time you spend on the machines regularly. The workout has to be rigorous and accompanied by manual walking, jogging and running activities to get the effect faster. Spending three hours a week on each of these two machines will tone up your muscles perfectly within a month or two.

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