All You Need to Know about Osteopath and Osteopathy

What Does an Osteopath Do?

The understanding of what an osteopath does is not very clear to a lot of people. This is a primary reason people do not think about osteopathy to be at the same level to regular medicine. The truth on the contrary is that the services osteopathic physician offers are essential to maintain the mental and physical well being of the human body. This branch of medicine focuses on treatment of a patient in a holistic manner and not on curing just the one body part that is suffering.  This field of medicines considers aspects like lifestyle, nutrition and psychosomatics of a patient. The medical history of a patient is deeply dug into to reach at the root cause of the ailment. Once understood, the osteopathic physician would then prescribe medicines or surgeries as required. He would also propose dietary corrections for the patient. In Australia, an osteopathic doctor is classed as a primary contact health professional, and this means they have the power to examine, diagnose and treat patients independently.

Reason why Osteopathy has become popular

Osteopathy is a branch of medicine that believes the relative positions of the different structure of the human body are vital to maintaining good health. It believes in the connection between the formation and function of your body as being primary element in the healing of it. It also believes the body has a mechanism to cure itself each time it gets an ailment. Osteopathy helps in speeding up the process. It is a branch of holistic medicine based on the primary believes that the body’s various systems are interconnected.  An osteopath Melbourne city physician offers osteopathic manipulative treatment therapy that involves relocating the various muscles and bones into correct positions, to ensure proper movement of the body.  It is this unimpeded motion of the body that is responsible for improving the health of the human body as it allows body’s natural healing systems to work efficiently.

The primary reason why osteopath has become so popular is that it is a trustworthy and safest treatment possible, without the use of allopathic medicines. Only manual manipulation and therapeutic messages can cure these musculoskeletal conditions. No allopathic medicines would mean no fear of side effects or any reactions. In fact, osteopathic treatment can even boast to cure certain conditions that allopathic medicines are unable to. Hence, osteopathy is becoming extremely popular with each passing day.

The treatments which are given by osteopath Melbourne city, helps the body to alleviate its own healing powers, such that it could repair the damaged tissues, joints, muscles and bones. So, if you are living in Melbourne and are facing lots of problems due to the aches  and pains in different parts of your body, you surely are in need to get a treatment from a qualified and experienced osteopath has. If you are one of those people, who give high regard to effective, natural and safe healthcare, then osteopathy is surely the perfect treatment for you. So don’t get stressed about any musculoskeletal medical conditions you might have developed. A constant pain in any part of the body means there could be some issue with the tissues, muscles, joints or bones. An osteopath is the perfect medical practitioner who can help.


Some Frequently Asked Questions About Osteopaths

  • Osteopaths just treat bones?

This is not true. On the contrary- Osteopathy is one of the most comprehensive manual therapies available. They treat your whole body-joints, muscles and body systems. So, even though the word ‘osteo’ is derived from ‘osteon’, the Greek work which meaning bones, osteopathy is not restricted to just bones.

  • Qualification of osteopaths

The study of an osteopath comprises of an undergraduate degree and a post graduate degree. They are even trained in anatomy, physiology, pathology and biology. They must also first complete 2 years of supervised treatments on real patients before they can practice on their own.

  • Does osteopathy get in the way with other medical treatments?

No. In fact, they very well complement your existing medical treatments. Just ensure to let your osteopath be aware of any other medical treatment you might be undergoing.

  • Will the treatment be painful?

The aim of an Osteopathic treatment is to reduce your pain. Yes, some procedures do involve application of pressure on joints, but it is a short term pain one has to undergo to get rid of a long term one.

  • Is the treatment safe? 

Yes. It is the safest a treatment can ever get!

  • Why do I need an osteopath when my pain is slowly fading out?

Our human bodies are incredible. After an injury, it tries to fine-tune itself to decrease the pain it feels, even without our knowledge. In this process, the body often relocates the pain from one area to another. This is not right for your general health. An osteopath is trained to recognise both such affected points and treat them to get your body rid of the pain.

  • What is the osteopathic process and how long would it last?

After getting to know your medical history, a physical examination of your body would happen. The pain areas would be recognised. You may at times even require an x-ray or MRI, depending n your case. After analyzing all these things, the osteopath would be able to let your know the approximate duration of your treatment.


In the lifestyle these days, musculoskeletal conditions have become very common, backache being the most common. Backache is the most common symptom of the unhealthy condition of your spine, and spine and nervous system have a real close connection. So, do not overlook any persistent backache and yourself checked with an Osteopath Melbourne city immediately. Other common concerns requiring and osteopathic treatment include sciatica, vertigo, shoulder pain, elbow and hand pain, migraine, headache, pregnancy related pains, neck pain, etc. Osteopathy also plays an important role in the lives of sportspersons who are highly prone to injuries, be bike riding injuries, running injuries, sports like cricket, tennis, golf, and so on.

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