Myles Haverluck on the Potential Health Benefits of a Good Pharmacy

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When it comes to medications, most people go to the pharmacy to fill prescriptions without thinking about it. They know that their doctor has written what needs to be filled, and how it is to be taken. To the average person, these may seem like very simple things. What some people may not realize is that there are health benefits to choosing the right pharmacy. The pharmacist and other members of the pharmacy team are there to help the patient fully maximize his or her health by providing their knowledge of medications, dosage, compounding, etc. These things are all vitally important to ensuring that the patient’s health receives the best possible care.

At Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy, Myles Haverluck is one pharmacist who strives to make sure his patients get the best health benefits possible with their medications. Mr. Haverluck specializes, and has training, in several different areas. He is a certified Orthotic Fitter, and a certified Asthma Educator. He also has special interest in compounding, which led him to take courses for Professional Compounding Centers of America.

Pharmacists like Mr. Haverluck, who have several areas of specialties and interests, are at an advantage when it comes to providing good health benefits to patients. Good pharmacists with this kind of knowledge can accurately answer any questions a person may have about his or her medications, and how those medications can react to or interfere with other medicines that person may be taking at that time. The pharmacist can tell you whether or not it’s safe to take medications together.

A good pharmacist or pharmacy can provide good health benefits with more than just statistical knowledge on prescribed medications. Pharmacists who have several areas of specialty, are able to provide counseling to patients that may not be related to the prescribed medications, but are still related to the patient’s health condition(s). This is why it’s important to really get to know your pharmacist.

When choosing the right pharmacy for your medication needs, making sure you have a good Pharmacist and pharmacy team in place are the key to making sure you get the best long-term health benefits. Remember that the Pharmacist is there to answer any and all questions you may have about medications you’re taking. He or she is there to tell you the right way to take medications, how they help you, etc. The Pharmacist and pharmacy team can also provide counseling with how to deal with insurance companies, and can provide information on special discount programs and other ways to help ensure that the patient is able to receive needed medications.

When deciding on a pharmacy, make sure you get to know your Pharmacist in order to get the best possible health benefits that fit your needs.

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