My Experiments With a Questionable Internet Craze Diet

A Never-Ending Conundrum

It all started with the Grapefruit Diet. Weddings always give people jitters, and I was not a stranger to feeling inadequate. It is a human feeling, it is normal, it happens to everyone. Yet, I’ve only been able to convince myself of this simple fact after all these years, as a grown up. As a to-be-bride, though I was especially conscious about my increasing weight that had been an inescapable issue since high school. However, in high school, everything is fine and dandy and I only when I realized the prospect of wedding photos being taken did I consider undergoing a diet.  There came the Grapefruit Diet out of nowhere and helped my fit into my beautiful wedding dress. I still have it hanging in my wardrobe to remind me of my pain and resolve.

The Atkins Diet was another fad I happily joined in hopes of losing my pregnancy weight. I have also been doing the Fat Flush Diet now and then whenever facing the demons of weight-based insecurity. After two children, a freelancing job that forces me to sit in front of my computer for hours every day, gorging on unhealthy food while working, I weighed an unhealthy 25 pounds more than I should.  You do not realise how your shape changes slowly when you lead a sedentary lifestyle. This is more of an issue when you have had continued weight problems since your teenage years. You shake off the weight, it comes back, and you shake it off again, only for it to rear its ugly head again.

My Experiments With A Questionable Internet Craze Diet

Trying An Internet Fad Diet

I only realised my bad shape recently when I was trying a bikini on a vacation with my family in Hawaii. Long story short – bad idea. I had to take a drastic step to end this constant cycle of losing and gaining weight. It was a roller coastal that I had never enjoyed and now it just felt like forced torture. I was always optimistic of these fad diets as they had helped me before but I was sure that this time it was going to be a different option altogether.  Lo and behold, being an online marketing freelancer, I chanced on the hCG drops diet on the internet.

The skinny on this diet is that you ingest human chorionic gonadotropin. This is an organic and natural substance originating in pregnant women’s placenta. The frequency of taking this is up to you, and based on the amount of weight you would like to reduce. Typically, you could take it once daily for a period of three to six weeks. The point of taking this hCG is that it burns your superfluous fat storage. Now what this does is that you will be able to eat about 500 calories of food daily without feeling additional hunger. Oh and did I mention that you will lose a pound daily? This does sound crazy, crazier even than The Skinny Bitch Diet.

Does This Really Work?

There are some concerns regarding this. You may have already come cross those “weight loss with a simple technique”. The hCG Drops Diet is the option it leads to most times. The trick in succeeding with this widely contested plan is to do your own research. I was lucky enough to come across an informative meeting where I was made aware of the advantages and disadvantages. It cost me a little around $400, once I had figured my own hCG plan and I just decided to take a plunge and go for it!

Based on Dr ATW Simeons’ studies with the hCG Diet, I was slightly optimistic about the outcome as I had come across his studies before. Dr Simeons had actually discovered by mistake the fact that administration of hCG would enable patients to have a remarkably reduced appetite. Additionally, it also aided in burning fat at a faster rate. The end product to his process was this – administration of hCG diet phase for period of three weeks, coupled with a low calorific dietary plan. This follows with a securitization stage of a diet of higher calories, without any starch or sugar.

Does The Weight Loss Stay Stable

My Experiences With This Experimental Diet Plan

As it turned out, I ended up having a relatively sage experience despite the claims by the FDA and other sources regarding the efficacy of the notion to lose weight with hCG diet and drops. I actually never felt the dreaded hunger I thought I would on my regulated calorific diet program. It was a little jarring in the beginning, but nothing I could not deal with. My breakfast used to be an apple daily, lean proteins and veggies for lunch, a fruit for evening snacks (apple/ orange) and dinner was some more veggies along with lean proteins.

After the first three weeks of the hCG I elevated my calorific diet to around 1600 calories. I was still careful enough to not consume any sugar or starches. I also gave up on alcohol which took a little effort as I used to enjoy a glass of good wine with my dinner. But hey, coffee was still permissible! By the time the diet was over, I had already lost 21 pounds. 3 inches off my waist was something I would have never anticipated but it happened.

Does The Weight Loss Stay Stable?

I know the big question. Is weight lost this way really maintainable? I have been a diet-fanatic and have lost as well as gained weight a number of times. In fact right after my hCg Diet I was off to Hawaii where I did it unhealthily and drank more than I should have. I did gain some weight back. But when back home, I returned to a leaner diet and my weight normalised again. I may not be a perfect eater and I sidestep my limits sometimes, but I have been able to maintain an agreeable figure.

Being confident with my body image was the greatest aid of all. I spent needless energy worrying about my physique for a very long time. After this program it just seemed easier to stay in shape than ever before. What a boon! It is still early days, yet, I feel like this will last, I may never go back to being how I was before. And that thought, my dear readers, gives me immense joy and peace.

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