Mesothelioma – A Rare Cancerous Situation People Should be Aware of

Mesothelioma is very rarely found condition among Cancerous diseases. It is generally found when Mesothelium, the cells in the soft lining covering many internal human organs, shows abnormal cell growth. It is most commonly found in people who are very frequently exposed to asbestos.

In human body, Mesothelioma usually affects organs like:

  • Pleura – which is the external lining , covering the lungs, and chest wall;
  • Peritoneum – the external covering of the abdominal cavity;
  • Pericardium – the sac like organ enclosing the heart;
  • Tunica Vaginalis – the sac surrounding the male testis

Who are commonly affected with this condition?

It has been found that people who seek Mesothelioma advice, or people who develop this kind of health condition, are usually the ones who work in fields like mining. In the mining Industry, the laborers who work in quarries are more prone to inhaling asbestos fibers. When they inhale the air containing asbestos dust and other forms of fibers, the dust reach inside the body and starts affecting the lining of many internal organs. The asbestos dust also gets inhaled by the person, who happens to wash the clothes of somebody who work in close contact with asbestos. Such people also develop this Cancerous condition called mesothelioma.

Symptoms of Mesothelioma

mesotheliomaThe symptoms of this disease may not necessarily appear till 20 or even 50 years after the person has been exposed to asbestos. And due to this very reason, the diagnosis also becomes difficult. So by the time they come for Mesothelioma advice, it would be too late. Moreover the symptoms are generally cough, breathlessness, and chest pain (in Pleural Mesothelioma), which can easily be mistaken by the patient for normal cough and cold and similar diseases. The chest pain in Pleural Mesothelioma is due to fluid accumulation in the space between the pleura, (the protective lining of the lungs) and the lungs. This condition is referred to as pleural effusion. The patient may experience sever fatigue and blood can be spotted in his sputum.

For patients suffering from Peritoneal Mesothelioma, the symptoms are swelling and pain in the abdomen, as the abdominal cavity gets filled with a certain fluid and this condition is referred to as ascites. Other common symptoms in this condition are weight loss, umbilical hernia, night sweats, fever vomiting, poor appetite and constipation.

Pericardial Mesothelioma does not have characterized symptoms, but those observed with this condition have shown cardiac symptoms like heart failure, cardiac tamponade, pulmonary embolism and constrictive pericarditis.

Doctors’ Mesothelioma advice and treatment strategy

For anybody who visits an oncologist for Mesothelioma advice, the treatment plan will typically include a biopsy to determine as to what type of malignant cells are present in the body. The patient also has to undergo an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Image) scan and a CT (Computer Topography) scan to determine, to what extent the disease has developed and locate the exact anatomical site of the occurrence of cell regeneration.

The treatment for Mesothelioma include surgery and chemotherapy. Radiation therapy is also used in conjunction with the above treatment methods.

(Legal) Mesothelioma Advice and Financial Assistance

Ethically, it is the duty of every employer to educate the employees about the pros and cons of the work, they are willing to undertake. This is true to asbestos companies also. Such companies should ideally help its workers in preventing health problems that can be caused by warning about the health hazards caused by asbestos. Keeping in mind such issues faced by its citizens, the governments of many a countries have passed policies and resolutions, and now, using the legal assistance, individuals who are affected by asbestos can hold asbestos companies responsible, and can demand financial compensation for recklessly disregarding the health and welfare of its workers.

Why is it necessary to take legal advice?

necessary to take Mesothelioma health legal adviceMesothelioma is such a medical condition, which is usually diagnosed at a very later stage, and thus treatment becomes more extensive and expensive too. Medical care is very costly andgiven a complex, and difficult to cure disease like Mesothelioma – the cost estimates for the treatment begin from a very high slab and become even higher with the services of specialized doctors, caregiver support etc. Here is a brief look into the possible rundown of expenses faced by mesothelioma patients.

  • Diagnostic tests like X – rays, MRI and CT scan charges
  • Biopsy costs
  • Lab testing costs
  • Costs incurred in chemotherapy and radiation
  • Surgical costs
  • Costs for check- ups and hospital stays
  • Costs incurred for caregiver
  • Costs incurred for drugs

In addition to these direct costs, there are also hidden costs like travelling expenses, money spent for child care and family re – establishment, lost wages, and above all the physical pain and emotional suffering and loss of quality of life. So filing a suit against the company responsible is the best way to cover up these costs. Just as finding a mesothelioma specialist is critical for your good health and well – being; finding the best mesothelioma lawyer who can give you the best Mesothelioma advice is also important to pursue the claim against the company that has spoiled the peace of your life.

An efficient mesothelioma lawyerhas to be:

  • Experienced and should have dealt with similar asbestos cases;
  • Should be able to understand the complexities of the medical condition and its treatment;
  • He should have access to qualified experts.

Claim recovery in Mesothelioma is seemingly easier these days as a good number of major asbestos companies have established trusts and funds from these trusts almost amount to $ 30 billion to $ 40 billion. These funds are absolutely reserved for asbestos victims and claimants. Trusts of this kind are increasingly being established these days.

But simply filing a lawsuit does not guarantee financial recovery. There are law firms dealing with mesothelioma cases with experienced attorneys who will help you to prove that exposure to asbestos has caused the claimant such cancerous condition and the losses incurred by the claimant is due to the disease.

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