Meat and Potatoes?  Don’t be a Diet Chaser


By KebbenMilliman

When I was young many of the adults that I became associated with, either being friends of my parents or parents of my friends used to say “You must be a meat and potato boy.”  I was quite naïve at that tender age and figured that they just naturally knew what my preferred menu was. As time passed I figured out that by using that phrase they were politely telling me that I was fat.

Back in the 1960’s heavy set people were few and farther in between than what has developed today. Today many people visit bariatric centers and other types of professional help clinics for excessive weight and for all types of weight loss surgeries and treatments to help control their weight.  A vast majority of older and for that fact, even younger people have no control over their weight or any type of weight management program that they should adhere too.

Struggling with my weight I became, what you might say a researcher into weight control programs and weight loss diets. At first the search became frustrating because of so many different fad diets and so called weight loss supplements.  It got to the point to where my head was spinning with all of the information that I was attempting to process. What was true and what was “pie in the sky empty promises.”

It was time to take the bull by the horns. Yes, I am still a meat and potatoes type of person. I love starches, meats, and any thing high in carbohydrates no matter how bad they are for my health. I needed help, and I needed it bad. I grew weary of perusing websites with worthless information and empty promises. Hence, my decision to create www.DietChaser.comfor people like me who love to eat and hate to exercise.

At Diet Chaser you will find relevant and helpful informationon dieting and weight control programs that will work for you and your lifestyle. Need to lose 10 pounds? Need to lose 60 pounds? The information on the website is rich in common sense and designed to answer all of your questions honestly and fairly. Remember, I can’t guarantee you a single pound loss. There are no magic potions or spells to make you a miracle weight loss machine.

Your mind is you most valuable tool when it comes to weight loss or weight control. The 1200 calorie diet, or the lose weight fast fads are within grasp but only if you dedicate yourself to achieve the goals that you set for yourself. Yes, exercise is important but you don’t need to run a marathon or dance to the oldies five hours a day to lose weight.  Use common sense and keep the starches to minimum. Starches like potatoes and pasta are your worst enemy if you don’t exercise to offset the intake. Rabbits and other wild creatures know how to “eat to live.” We as meat and potato lovers need to stop “living to eat.” Good luck and stay hungry. Better yet? Stay active and eat correctly. It really isn’t rocket science.


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