Massage Therapy Is The Key To A Healthy, Balanced Life

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Many people have homemade stress solutions that they believe help them through tough times, but that really only add to the pile of harmful side effects stress can have on the body. From drinking coffee or alcohol to eating poorly or spending too much time being sedentary, some of the techniques we try to use to relieve stress ourselves can be less than effective. Medical massage, on the other hand, is a proven stress relief technique that actually works, and helps to restore the body’s natural functions – meaning patients have less of a need for coping mechanisms and more of an ability to cope. Massages provided by organizations like the Medical Massage Boutique in Toronto ( can relieve tense and sore muscles, as well as help facilitate relaxation and stress relief. Many people do not realize that massage can also be beneficial for many medical ailments. This has been proven so many times that many insurance companies will cover some, or even all of the cost for massage sessions that are prescribed for certain medical afflictions. Knowing what medical conditions are readily treated with massage can give patients added insight into their treatment process and may eliminate the need for narcotic pain medication.

Narcotic Pain Medications

Narcotic pain medication, such as hydrocodone or Percocet, will treat pain, but have some very negative side effects. Narcotic pain medications are highly addictive, and can spawn opioid dependcy. This is a hard addiction to fight. If patients do not become addicted to their medications, patients can still suffer negative effects from the long term use of pain medication. The liver can be damaged permanently. Pain medications may not treat all of a patient’s pain effectively, and when it does, it can wear off in just four hours. Massage sessions may reduce or even eliminate the need for this pain medications. This can improve the overall physical and mental health of patients with chronic pain.

Massage therapy is excellent treatment for arthritis sufferers. Early-onset arthritis is becoming more common, and patients are now being diagnosed as early as their twenties. Regular massage can help arthritis patients better manage their overall pain, as well as better target areas of pain that may be more intense. As patients become more sensitive and aware of their pain issues, they achieve a greater voice in their care.

Massage can also be of use to patients who have suffered sports or accident related injuries. These are patients who may never have had to deal with intense pain before. Now, they are saddled with daily pain. Massage may be recommended, along with physical therapy, to speed the healing of these injuries. For athletes, medical massage may mean the difference between finishing out the season, or being benched longer than necessary. For victims of car accidents, medical massage can help them return to a normal life faster than physical therapy alone.

Massage can also help patients who do not suffer from pain but still require relief. Pregnant women and their unborn children benefit greatly from regular massage. It can assist in maintaining a healthy blood flow from mother to child. Medical massage can even reduce the pain of labor. All in all, there’s practically no health-related condition that medical massage can’t help in some way – take a trip to a local massage practitioner and see for yourself!

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