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Congratulations on achieving your weight loss goals. You are probably loving your new body and excited about what lies ahead of you but now comes for the hard part,keeping the weight off. This is where you really need to determine if you have changed your habits temporarily, or changed your lifestyle for the long run. Unfortunately dieting alone doesn’t usually equal success, this is because diets are typically started with the goal of only making short term changes to achieve fast weight loss results.

The problem with short term changes is that they only encourage short-term results. If you are serious about keeping the weight off there are a few things you can do to ensure you maintain your new, healthier self.

The first thing that is very important is that you continue to keep track of everything going in, as well as everything going out. Staying within your optimal calorie and carb ranges will make a huge difference in maintaining your weight. It can be too easy to snack on something while laying around the house or to pick something up at the drive through when you don’t have time to make a healthy dinner. You could even find yourself eyeing that candy bar at the checkout counter. You might think when you cheat by eating something you know you shouldn’t is that the extra 200 calories won’t hurt, but they add up especially if you make these indulgent decisions on a daily basis. Moderation is always the key to being successful in any eating plan.

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Another thing you can do is weigh yourself once a month or twice, if you’re enthusiastic. Keeping a ten-pound rule is a good way of managing your weight. Everyone fluctuates, it’s natural and it even happens daily. You could lose two pounds today, and the scale might read three pounds heavier tomorrow because of liquid and food volume in your stomach. This is one reason it’s not good to weigh in all the time. But, keeping track a few times a month of where you’re at can help. The ten-pound rule is simple. You never let the weight go higher than ten pounds from your success mark. Don’t stress if it hits any number in between at any other time, you don’t need to be making yourself sick over it. Ten pounds is a guideline and a healthy range to stay in that will allow yourself to start getting motivated again when you get off track. Next, allow yourself to indulge at times, but account for it in your workout routine. Adding some occasional extra calories in itself isn’t bad, if you work them off the same day. Most importantly, don’t stress. Your weight is only a part of who you are, not the entire picture of you as a person.

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