Local Las Vegas Martial Arts School Helps Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

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If you are the parent of a child with autism, you are no doubt familiar with the frustrating search for programs, classes and other activities that you find acceptable for your child. Certain considerations must often be in place for these programs, and finding a program that is not only suitable but beneficial for children with autism can be doubly as difficult. But did you know that martial arts are a suitable and beneficial program for children with autism?

It’s true!

Let’s take a closer look at how martial arts is beneficial for children on the Spectrum.

The core of just about any martial arts program is discipline and respect. Martial arts teach physical and mental LEGACY_Mr_Smith12discipline for its students; the discipline taught in these programs very frequently carries itself out of the martial arts classroom and into everyday life. The respect and discipline instilled in martial arts students can help children with autism build their self-esteem, their confidence, and especially their sense of self-discipline. The taekwondo style of martial arts taught at Legacy Martial Arts is especially beneficial in this respect because the style teaches discipline; repeated movements which help students focus their energy.

There was even a recent study which confirmed what many parents of children with autism have said about martial arts classes for many years. The study involving a group of children with autism, who were into two groups; one group was taught martial arts for a period of time, while the other was not taught martial arts. The results of the study were significant: the control group–or the group that was taught martial arts–experienced a noticeable reduction in stereotypy behavior, or behavior that involves repeating movements and gestures, when compared to the group who did not participate in martial arts.

Programs which are especially designed for children with autism are even more beneficial than traditional LEGACY_Mr_Smith10classes. Legacy ATA Martial Arts in Henderson a suburb of Las Vegas is dedicated to creating programs in the martial arts, such as Tiny Tigers Taekwondo & Karate for Kids which have specially designed curriculum for children with autism. The Legacy Martial Arts programs use positive reinforcement in the martial arts to help students develop more discipline, focus, self-control and even the ability to better handle emotions.

If you are looking for more information about how martial arts can benefit children with autism and the Legacy ATA Martial Arts program, visit the Legacy Martial Arts official YouTube video.

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