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Natural disasters aren’t new. We have all heard about it and more often, the outcome of such disasters. While many are affected, some are displaced and need real help. “JerusalemHand” is an organization that aims to help people who are displaced due to natural disasters. They do what they can do to help victims get back to normal life.

In 2006, Baruch Leveev, the chairman of organization, landed in Philippines and was appalled at how poor people were here and needed help. The 2013 tragedy was quite well known, where many were displaced in no time. This pained him so much and led to the founding of “JerusalemHand” foundation, eventually. Not just the Philippines, there are many countries that need help. There are people that have gone through a lot of trauma and need rehabilitation and ways to heal, so they can return to normalcy. This is our aim – to end a helping hand to those in need.

In our site, we showcase problems these people face and help collect donations. We also have a store in our siteJerusalemHand and all the profits from the sales generated are donated towards the cause of  We also have a blog section dedicated to different countries of the world. Each blog has news and natural disaster stories of the particular country.

The article sections features articles on natural disasters, preparations that can be done or protecting oneself from disasters, etc. These articles are aimed to help individuals with useful tips and information. The blessing section is real reviews and comments from those who have benefitted though our foundation, or touched by our efforts. There are knowledgebase articles for different natural disasters and their types or features are discussed in detail. This also gives an idea on the disastrous effects of these disasters. These articles are submitted by volunteers or qualified experts.

The emergency section educates individuals on how to prepare or brace up during a natural disaster. ThisJerusalemHand includes earthquakes, tornados, floods and storms, etc. Likewise, the first aid section also educates on first aid for different situations and scenarios. This includes electric shock, injuries and wounds, stroke, fracture, etc. It also details on lifesaving techniques like CPR, etc.

Then there’s Wanted / Join section, which details the services or goals of the organizations and invites like-minded individuals to help the displaced individuals. It clearly lists the profile of people expected and their basic roles and responsibilities. Last but not the least – the contact section displays contact details for important members of the organization. In short, we do our best to help people who are displaced due to natural disasters across the world. We help with rehabilitation and recovery, so they can lead a normal life with due help and motivation.

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