It’s the Things You Aren’t Doing that are Aging Your Skin

Aging Your Skin

If you look into the industry of skin care, you’ll find thousands of different products. Some of them are extremely expensive, and there are more popping up all the time. Among skin care aficionados, there are legitimately great products (like my acne mask) that you can find. But I’m going to write about the stuff that improves your skin, without you ever having to buy a thing. Well…I will recommend my Illumask anti acne mask, because it’s the greatest. But everything else on this list is free. I promise.

First, some notes on the Illumask. It’s a simple design that packs a lot of power. The Illumask uses the power of light to correct the skin chemistry imbalances that cause acne. Everybody knows that light exposure is healthy for your skin, in the right doses. But give your skin too much sun and it quickly damages it, making acne inflammation even worse! The Illumask is designed to give your face the perfect amount of light, through just 3 15-minute sessions a day. 93% of users report noticeably improved acne states, and that’s without steroid creams or dangerous injections that could hurt your skin as much as it helps it. The Illumask works best when your skin has a strong foundation of healthy lifestyle practices, which I’ll discuss below.

Your body is mostly water. As such, you’ll need to take in a lot of water to keep your body in tip top shape. You lose water all the time, not just when you sweat or urinate. In fact, you lose a ton of water just by breathing. This won’t be a surprise to you probably, but how much water you lose may be. People lose, on average, 800 mL a day this way. That’s a lot! And you’ll lose a lot more when it’s cold and dry, very hot, or when you are especially active. On some days, you’ll lose well more than a liter of fluid into the air. Combine this with water you lose through urination and you’re looking at almost two liters of water that will need to be replenished for most active individual. Most people don’t take in this much water, and it shows in the health of their skin. Your body doesn’t just go on losing water indefinitely till you turn into a dried out husk in need of an acne mask. Eventually dehydrated people hit water starvation mode, where the body clings to its leftover reserves without letting them go as easily. But in this mode, your overall health will suffer a lot, especially the health of your skin. So keep the acne mask on and the water flowing and fill up your reserves. Then watch your health start to improve and your skin brighten.

Eat good stuff, folks. Think about it this way. Cells in your body are dying and getting replaced all the time. They say you have a brand new body once every seven years, due to the process of cellular regeneration going on all the time. Everybody knows this. But what many people don’t realize is that your cells are built out of the stuff you eat and drink. So every part in your body is made out of food and whatever else you ingest. If your body is made of hot pockets and potato chips, you’re going to give yourself a problem. These foods don’t contain the stuff your skin needs to be at its best. But if you eat fresh, quality food, you’ll be on the path to overall skin health. That, and your anti acne mask will work a lot better.

It’s time to start exercising for 30 minutes a day if you already don’t. That’s about how long I’ll spend with my acne mask on breakout days. This amount of exercise is proven to make the average person live longer. You can do whatever you enjoy doing: swimming, dancing, riding your bike, running with your dog. It doesn’t matter what as long as you are active. This makes your whole body work better, especially your skin.

If you do all of these things for even a week, you’ll probably see changes. If you keep it up and turn these into acne mask habits, you’ll be fitter, happier, more productive. You’ll be more confident and attractive. And you’ll probably live longer too. Your body’s like that. When you try to help one system, you help it all. By focusing on your skin’s health, you’ll improve your entire body and life.

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