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Much has been said about beyond diet program; information has been published on different sites, but what about the person behind it? Isabel De Los Rios is the lady behind the program.

Who is Isabel De Los Rios?

Isabel is a certified nutritionist who loves sharing the best of her knowledge in the food world. Isabel developed an interest in nutrition when she was a teenager. Her passion was ignited by her being overweight; she was also a type2 diabetic victim. She really worked hard to cut down her weight greatly. Even though she felt like doomed, she was not prepared to be overwhelmed with the diseases and that is why she had to look for all ways of getting out of the problem.

Isabel is not only a trainer, but a wife and mother of two boys. She always strives to ensure that her family and everyone who comes in contact with her have the best healthy information. Isabel has a big heart to everyone who needs her help.

She has written a diet book for people who always search for answers pertaining to health and weight loss. The book has detailed information and real experiences from people who were victims of bad health. The book has been professionally written, with the input of nutrition doctors.

Isabel as an exercise specialist has helped more than 500,000 people to lose weight through her program beyond diet. This is a program many people around the world have come empress. The program was started with the intention of getting everyone who needs help on board.

When you check on the internet, you will find every blog and other sites give reviews of beyond diet program. This happens because; the program is of its kind no any other program resembles beyond diet. What makes the program distinct is that, once you pay the registration fee, that marks the end payments, you will never be required to pay any amount at any given period of time.  Isabel is currently recognized as “go-to-girl” in what is termed as fat burning nutrition.

How Isabel De Los Rios did transform her body after pregnancy

Isabel reveals that the food she ate before she got pregnant was the food she went on eating even when she was pregnant. They are the same food she recommends even know in the diet solution. This kind food helped her to maintain shape even after she had delivered. She exercised quite much before the pregnancy, during the pregnancy and after. Isabel ensured that she eat well and eat good food. This kind eating and exercising enabled her to develop a lot of muscle mass which burned a huge amount of calories from her body. She was not only focused on cardio training but also on strength training.

Isabel advice

Before you perform all the exercises and eating all types of nutritional foods, ensure you create a foundation of the following:

  • Preparing your food well
  • Planning your exercises well
  • Drinking a lot of water every time

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