Is Juice Good For Weight Loss? – Find Out!

Weight Loss

In the recent times, juice has gained popularity as a means of reducing weight. This is argued in a verse that, taking juice is one way of increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables you consume thereby improving the quality of your meal. Most people who look forward to losing weight tend to focus more on juice. In this case, for juicing to be more effective in weight loss it is necessary to combine it with the right vegetables as well as having a balance in the nutritional value of other components of your diet. Having this in great combination in place, you can be assured of obtaining optimum weight loss results within a short spell of time.

How does juicing work for weight loss?

The reason why you should use juice to weight is that it enables you to get the right selection of fruits and vegetables for that course. In this case, what actually work better are the nutrients you get from vegetables. For instance, if you want to maintain your blood sugar levels, then carrot and parsley juice is the best. It helps to keep your appetite down. Cinnamon, garlic and chili powder are vital additives when it comes to fat cell burning thereby speeding up weight loss.

How juice fasting helps in weight loss

Fasting has been considered by many people as one way of flushing out toxins (usually found in fat cells) from the body. This results in losing weight significantly. Similarly, juice fasting is very effective.  During juice fasting, the procedure is very simple in the sense that what you need is cut down on the amount of calories you consume by dwelling much on juice. Depending on how long you want to fast, it can take between 1day and slightly above a month. The main reason for juice fasting is to speed up the process of weight loss. However, it advisable that anyone who wants to engage in juice fasting to first of all, seek medical advice before embarking on the practice.

How weekend juicing diet can help to control weight loss

If you are looking for the most flexible weight loss plan, then the weekend juicing weight loss plan is just what you need. This important especially if you have some time to dedicate to your program as it is a less intense plan. There are people who tend to be very busy during the week and may want to socialize on weekend; this is a perfect choice for you. To get the best out of the weekend juicing diet, avoid easting out as it is never clear what restaurant food contains. Cook your own food to ensure that you have the right quality; use the right oil and the food should be well cleaned. However, if you are forced to eat out be careful on what you pick. You should be able to shed between 7 and 14 pounds after a month or two.

Tips for detox juicing

Besides the numerous health benefits of juicing, there other advantages one is bound to enjoy as well. Fruit and vegetable juices are known to cleanse the body system of harmful toxins. It is important to note that vegetables and fruits will require the body to digest them, unlike juice which allows the body to use the nutrients directly without any alterations from the digestive process. The following tips are good for detox juicing:

  • Include some days for increased volumes of raw vegetables and fruits in your prejudice fast diet
  • In order to improve oxygenation in the body, do sufficient exercise
  • If possible, spend between 10 and 20 minutes sunbathing daily
  • Take cold and ho baths alternatively
  • Sleep when the window is open to allow for clean and fresh air to enter the room

The list is long but if you follow this to the latter, you will be able to get the most out of your juicing weight loss plan.


Looking at the healthy benefits of juicing, it is vital that you pick only the best as not all juices are good for weight loss. Juicing provides the body ample time to burn fat as it helps cut down on the appetite thereby keeping you off unhealthy foods.  Thus, if you want to shed fat fast, include juice in your weight loss diet plan.

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