Improving Blood Circulation Through Bemer Technology

Read almost any medical journal, get on any website–about any health issue–and you are almost assuredly going to come across a reference about circulation and its importance.  Circulation effects everything and everyone!  Research has long focused on improving circulation as a means to counteract health issues, and promote longer life.  With Bemer devices, we see the fruits of these efforts, which can lead to better blood flow and a happier heart.

The heart pumps every waking moment of our life.  It expands and contracts more than 100,000 times a day.  Five to six quarts of blood are pumped through our bodies every single minute.  If we can improve circulation, and improve the efficiency of this incredible task, we can improve our lives.

Improving circulation through Bemer technology is a key component of improving overall health.  So many of the human bodies functions rely upon circulation, that the list of side effects, when circulation is stunted or impaired, is almost dizzying.  Blood is the key component to our well-being.  It transports oxygen from the lungs to the body tissue, and distributes nutrients, while removing waste and invading toxins.

Circulation can be seen to function in two parts—a macro circulation, and a microcirculation.  The five to six quarts of blood in the average adult body accounts for nearly 7% of their total body weight.  This includes the things we see and hear being discussed all the time, such as plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.   Improvement of circulation with Bemer technology assures all of these life giving components work in symphony.

The digestive system also works in important conjunction with the circulatory system, providing nutrients and nourishment to keep the heart pumping.  The effective distribution of these nutrients through improved circulation is prosperous not just to circulatory function, but also the immune system, and every other cell throughout the human body.

Obviously, many other components and catalysts factor into your improved circulation, such as diet, stress levels, exercise, and environment.  Keeping these elements positive, in conjunction with using improved circulation technology through the Bemer devices, will lead to the fastest and most effective results.

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